Photos for Property Advertising

Whether you only use the online listings tool in your Rentec Direct software or choose to syndicate your listing across the built-in syndication network, you can make your listings stand out with great photos. 

Photo Options for Advertising

Not only can you add photos when creating your property's marketing page, you have photo options such as renaming, changing the order of photos, rotating photos, and more. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Properties
  2. Right-click on the property name and select Marketing Info from the drop-down menu
  3. Options within the Pictures box: 
    1. To upload a picture: click the Choose Files button

      Tip: Select as many files as you want, and they will all be uploaded  
    2. For photo options after they are uploaded: right-click on the image to change which photo is primary, adjust the order of your photos, rename a file, rotate an image, or delete them

      Online marketing photo options
  4. Click Save Changes when finished

    Note: These changes take effect immediately on your Rentec Direct online rental listings page. However, it may take 72 hours for the syndicated sites to update the listing on their sites. 

TipIf you're attempting to upload photos that are in a .jpeg format, you will want to change them to a .jpg format before uploading. 

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