Searching within Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct property management software contains search filter features designed to narrow your search and find exactly what you are looking for quickly.

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Property, Tenant, Banking, and Owner Filters

There are multiple search filters throughout your Rentec Direct software. When you click on Properties, Tenants, Banking, or Owners, sub titles will be listed. Each tab and sub-title contains search filters for various subjects to help you access information quickly. 

The following steps provide more details in how to access search filters.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click on PropertiesTenants, Banking, or Owners
  2. Click the dropdown next to the filter to select the subject of the search 
  3. After the list is created, start entering more specific details of what you're searching for in the filter. As you type in the filter, any items containing those letters, numbers, or symbols will start to display. 

Ledger Search

In addition to locating an account, property, or tenant quickly, you are also able to search for specific information within a property, tenant, or account ledger by using the search box at the top of every ledger.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on PropertiesTenants, Banking, or Owners
  2. Click the Balance to enter the ledger. 
  3. Use the dropdown to select a date range
  4. Enter more information in the Filter 

Note: You can search for a dollar amount, check number, description, date, etc. and the system will bring up only those items that fit your search request. 
An example of a search may be all rent payments received on a property ledger in the past 12 months. You would use the dropdown to select the date range then enter "4000" (category) or Rent, Rental, Rental income etc..

Ledger date selection options

Global Search

There are times when you may not know which tab or which ledger to search. Here are a few scenarios where the Global Search tool may be useful: 

  • You're account is off and you need to find a transaction of a certain dollar amount but don't know where it was posted. 
  • Trying to locate an item by check number. 
  • Finding missing transactions during bank reconciliations. 
  • To view a list of custom fields
    • Identify if a vehicle belongs to a tenant
    • Identify the potential owner of a loose dog
    • Emergency contacts

The Global Search tool is located at the top of every page within the software. Starting your search in this tool will bring up a box that allows you to filter by type. If you are within that tool, you can conduct as many searches as you wish. 

Each transaction result has an edit icon available for you to click if you wish to open that specific entry to review, delete, or edit. 

Global Search toolExample | Transaction Search

In this example, we are looking for a -50.00 discrepancy on a tenant ledger. It appears someone inadvertently entered the date of the late fee as 03/05/2108 instead of 2018. Once the transaction is found, the edit icon on the right allows you to edit as needed.  

Search dollar amount Rentec Direct

Example | Custom Field Search

In this example, you are looking for an Emergency Contact.
Click here for more information on custom fields Custom Fields

Custom Search Emergency Contact Rentec Direct

Example | Word Search

In this example, we are looking for a payment made for photography. If you can't remember which property or bank ledger, the global search is a quick way to search the software. 

Search transactions by memo

Using Your Computer Search Function

There's also a way to quickly search for anything on a specific page of the software using your computer search tool. 

On a PC, simultaneously press the CTRL and F keys on your keyboard. Macintosh (Apple) users would use COMMAND and F. 

In all popular browsers, this will bring up a search bar either at the top or lower portion of the screen. Enter your search terms and hit Enter. This will search the page and highlight all the items that match your search term.

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