Navigation Tips

It's easy to find the information you need in your Rentec Direct software. These navigation tips will guide you to get the most from your property management software from the start. 

Navigation Options

There are a few ways to navigate to find the Property, Tenant, Banking, or Owner information and ledgers.    

Accessing a Ledger
A ledger balance is a link that gives you details of every transaction related to this property, tenant, bank account, or owner in a general ledger format. Click on the ledger Balance from the list or within the Details Card to go to the ledger associated with that Property, Tenant, Bank or Owner account.
Accessing Menu Options
Click the three dots to the right of the Balance. You can also right-click in the gray area (two-finger tap for Mac users) to find the same menu as the three-dot icon.  
Rentec Direct navigation tips
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