Navigation Tips

    Information in your Rentec Direct property management software can be found quickly by using the navigation tools provided on every screen. These navigation tips will guide you to getting the most from your property management software from the start. 

    Navigation and Search Tips | Rentec Direct Training Series from Rentec Direct on Vimeo.

    Accessing the Menu

    There are several convenient ways to locate information on each screen to be viewed or edited as needed, depending on the computer or device. You will want to get familiar with accessing the menus. Throughout the process of becoming familiar with accessing, editing, and deleting information, you will discover whether accessing menus using the right-click method or clicking on the three dots to the right is your preference.

    Before getting started with various menus, you will want to have your list of tabs displayed on the Summary page. If you do not see a list of tabs as pictured below, click on the three lines next to the Global Search tool at the top of the screen to have them show.


    Navigating the Menu

    Now that you can see the tabs, you can refine your search. When clicked, each of the tab options will display a list below the main subject, with more specific options. To help get familiar with this feature, let's use the Tenants tab as an example.

    In your Rentec Direct account:

    1. Click on Tenants - The following list of tenants and tenant-related options will be displayed.
      1. Tenant List
      2. Lead List 
      3. Archives
      4. Signature Requests 
    2. Click on the tenant-related option you would like to access

      Tenant Menu

    3. Within each option, there's a search filter to locate the specific item/person 
    4. Access the menu using either of these methods to view more options:
      1. Right-click on the Tenant's name or
      2. Click on the three dots to the right

      Note: When a Tenant is selected, a Tenant card will be displayed to the right with important information

    Accessing Financial Transactions

    Rentec Direct provides several ways to access financial transactions from just about any page. Hovering your mouse over data will display which clickable access options that are available including accessing ledgers. 

    Check out Searching within Rentec Direct for more search options and details.

    By Page

  • All Pages (including Summary and Settings)
    • Enter the amount of a transaction, name, address etc, in the Global Search tool and indicate which pages you would like to include for the search
    • While viewing a "list"
      • Right-click next to the individual or property and select View Ledger from the menu
      • Click on the three dots on the far right of the row and select View Ledger from the
    • Click on any Balance to enter a ledger of individual transactions
  • Properties 
    • Hovering over the Tenant will give the option to enter the Tenant's ledger
    • Hovering over the Owner will give the option to enter the Owner's ledger
    • On the Property Card
      • Click on the Balance
      • Hovering over the Owner will give the option to Enter Ledger
  • Tenants
    • Hovering over the Property will give the option to enter the Property ledger
    • On the Tenant Card
      • Hovering over the Property will give the option to enter the Property ledger
      • Click on Deposit Balance to enter the Deposit ledger
      • Under Activity, click on individual transactions to see the
  • Banking
    • On the Bank Card
      • Click on the Balance to enter the Bank ledger
  • Owners
    • On the Owner Card
      • Click on the Balance to enter the Owner ledger
  • Reports

Note: See more about the Schedule and Send Reports to Owners and Managers ✨

    Rentec Direct navigation tips

    Rentec Direct development team is always working on new ways to help make landlord and property managers job easier and quicker. As your checking out the various Navigation Tips, you may come across other helpful updates that may not have been mentioned in the Rentec Direct blog or System Updates displayed on your Summary page.

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