Tenant Screening for Landlords with Less than 10 Properties

Landlords with fewer than 10 properties can find simple tenant screening solutions with Rentec Direct’s ApplyConnect tenant screening partner.  

ApplyConnect Tenant Screening with Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct and ApplyConnect allow landlords to review an applicant's Experian credit report, criminal report and eviction history to find qualified tenants for your rental properties.  

Landlords can invite an applicant to order his own screening reports through ApplyConnect. Once an applicant orders their own reports, they are securely shared with the landlord to review.

This option is an easy solution for Rentec Direct’s smaller landlords who do not want to submit a credit access application to order screening reports directly.  

How to Get Started Today! 

  1. Create a free account on your ApplyConnect Rentec Direct Portal.
  2. Send an email invitation to your rental applicant through ApplyConnect for Rentec Direct (be sure to get a unique email address per applicant).
  3. Your applicant opens the email to order their screening report, pays for the report (Visa, MasterCard, Paypal), and then views and shares the information with you online.
  4. You receive an email that the tenant screening credit report is ready to view.

Do you have more than 10 rental properties?  

Rentec Direct provides additional tenant screening solutions that are ideal for ordering a larger volume of screening reports for multiple applicants and properties.  

If you have a Rentec Direct account already you can start ordering Criminal and Background reports immediately from  Screening Reports on the main menu. 

Information on ordering Credit Reports on rental applicants can be found here: Getting Setup for Credit Screening

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