Tenant Screening | Credit, Criminal, Eviction, SSN Validation

With Rentec Direct it's easy for landlords and property managers to get set up for tenant screening.  Following these simple steps can have you set up to start screening your applicants today. 

Tenant Screening Options

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Reports from the main menu. 
  2. Choose Screening Reports.
  3. Click the Order a Report button.

Tenant Screening Options before Credit Application

At this point, you'll have access to order County, State, and National Criminal Reports, Inmate Records, Sex Offender Reports, National Eviction Reports, SSN Validation with previous addresses, and Bankruptcies, Judgments, Liens reports. 

If you would like to order credit reports,  you will need to submit our credit access application and provide a few requested documents before you'll have access to order credit reports through your software program. 

( Discover why you need to submit a credit access application: Easy Access to Tenant Credit Reports )

You have the option to sign up for access to one of the following credit report types:  

  • Tenant Credit Report Cards
    • Have significant information regarding types and total amounts of debt as well as a credit score range. An example of a credit report card can be found here:  Credit Report Card Sample
  • Full Tenant Credit Reports
    • Have very specific information about the creditors and payment history of debts as well as an exact FICO credit score. An example of a full credit report can be found here:  Full Credit Report
    • Require a $50 inspection fee
    • On-site inspection which may include the following:
      • Verify there is a physical office or home office which is a secure environment that does not allow public access to your computer
      • This may include a lock on the door or a password-protected computer
      • Look to see that you have the ability to secure or dispose of any printed credit reports properly by way of a paper shredder and a locking filing cabinet
      • Verify that credit reports will be used for tenant screening only and for no other purpose
      • Take pictures of the location

Applying for Full Credit Report Access

The credit access application can be filled out and submitted online by clicking the link displayed on the screen in the program, or it can be downloaded and then sent to us.  

Tenant Screening Credit Report Application Link

After clicking the link, the screen will then guide you through your next steps.

Tenant Screening Credit Report Application Questions

We process screening applications daily and once yours is received we will review it to ensure it is complete and accurate and email you as soon as your account is ready to go. 

Note: The cost or ordering reports may vary depending on which reports are selected. There are actually hundreds of reports available (because you can order a criminal report for each county). When you are on the ordering page, select which reports you would like and the pricing for each report is displayed on the order screen next to each report. For more details of pricing for Tenant Screening Report packages  Direct Pricing

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