Credit Report | No Score or Unable to Score

There are times when you are ordering tenant screening reports that you may receive back a credit report with No GradeUnable to Scoreor No Score.  

Tenant Credit Grade Report Summary | No Grade
Possible reasons for No Grade, Unable to Score, or Nor Score results: 

  • Incorrect social security number.

    Confirm that the applicant's information matches the social security number. If you notice in the credit report detail section the words No Hit, it is a good indicator that you have entered in the social security incorrectly or your applicant gave you false information.
  • The applicant could be young or recently obtained US Citizenship and does not have active credit usage such as a student loan, auto loan, mortgage, or credit cards. 
  • The applicant has never used the credit system (no loans, no credit cards) and has paid cash for everything.
  • The applicant might have had previous loans and debts but has either closed all of their accounts and does not possess enough open accounts to generate a score
  • The applicant had loans and debt but filed for bankruptcy on all of the accounts, those accounts were closed due to the bankruptcy filing, and they never acquired any new recent credit.

    Note: The bankruptcy would reflect in Public Records for a minimum of 7 years.
  • The applicant had previous loans and debt but now all the accounts are in collections. 
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