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Setting up defaults in your Rentec Direct account will be the key to staying on top of tasks. The ability to establish default preferences, as to how and when information is presented is a simple one time process and, most likely, your biggest time saver. 

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How to Establish Your Program Defaults

By establishing your default settings prior to adding any of the other categories, your preferences will automatically be applied. The following steps will walk you through how to access your Program Defaults, and set them how you prefer.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under Program, select Program Defaults
  3. Indicate your preference that will affect these six different aspects of your Rentec Direct account:
    1. Summary Display Options
    2. General Preferences
    3. Portal Settings
    4. Reporting Preferences
    5. Payment Options

How Program Defaults Influence Activity

The default settings will establish important parameters. Here are a few samples of how the default options affect day-to-day activities:

  1. Summary Display Options will affect how information will be displayed on your Summary page
    1. How far in advance you would like to be advised of 
      1. Leases expiring
      2. Tenants insurance expiring
    2. Net Income Summary to be displayed
    3. Number of active work orders
  2. General Preferences  
    1. How you would like Properties sorted
    2. Email and notification preferences 
    3. Report formatting
    4. If you would like to automatically send notifications of Work orders to Maintenance Managers
  3. Portal Settings
    1. Permissions for Tenant portal options such as
      1. Submitting work orders
      2. Purchasing renters insurance
      3. Activating credit reporting
    2. Permissions for Owner portal options for PM clients 
      1. Viewing work orders
      2. Viewing reports
  4. Reporting Preferences
    1. Information to be displayed on accounting reports
    2. Information to be displayed on Tenant reports
    3. Vendor reports
    4. Which email address you would to show on emailed reports
  5. Payment Options
    1. If you'd like overdue messages on Invoices and Statements
    2. Receipt format
    3. If Owner disbursements are to be made to each subunit
    4. Default Rental frequency
  6. Advanced General Preferences
    1. If you prefer saving your search subject, so if you leave the screen, you don't have to search for the information again
    2. If you prefer the Tenant's social image photo to show up in their profile
    3. If you prefer "this is a copy" on messages copied to Owners
    4. If you prefer the property name to be displayed in the ledgers
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