As you get started in the software, before adding bank accounts, properties, or tenants to the program, it is highly recommended to review all default settings. 

Settings are how you are going to personalize your experience in the program to set up and optimize the features for your business needs. 

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Reviewing Settings

When getting started, the most critical  Settings to review in detail are:

  • Accounting Defaults
  • Program Defaults

TipThroughout the program, you will find question mark (?) help icons. Hovering your mouse over the icon provides more detail about that function, setting, or tool. 

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Accounting Defaults

The  Accounting Defaults page allows you to edit items such as how the system displays negative dollar amounts, your universal late fees, accounting categories, printing preferences, and much more.  
System AdviceSet your Accounting Default options first before adding properties, tenants, etc., as your choices here impact the flow of information when using the software.
Pro Tip: For line-by-line details for Accounting Defaults , visit  Accounting Default Settings | Preferences

Program Defaults

The  Program Defaults page allows you to customize general and advanced system options. The software becomes very personalized to meet your needs based on your preferences and objectives. 

Important NoteRemember to also review the Advanced Program Settings by clicking the Edit Advanced Settings link. 

Pro Tip: For line-by-line details for Program Defaults, visit Program Default Settings | Preferences

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