When you log in to Rentec Direct property management software, your account Summary is your home page. Here, you will find at-a-glance details of your rental portfolio, areas of your property management that may require action, and Rentec Direct system updates and News.

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Customize Your Summary Page Settings

Choose which properties to include in your Property Summary and how may days before a lease and insurance expires that you would like to be alerted.

The following steps walk through how to set Summary Display Options.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Program, click on Program Defaults
  3. Change Summary Display Options to your preference
  4. Click on Save Changes

Summary Display Options Rentec Direct

Summary Page Alerts and Summaries

Colorful boxes alert you to real-time updates on Vacancies, Leases Expiring Soon, Rent Overdue, and Open Work orders. When items may need your attention, the boxes indicate how many to review and become clickable, bringing you directly to the new data.

System Note: Leases Expire Soon alerts will be displayed on the Summary Page for one month. Then, if the lease isn't updated, it's assumed to be month-to-month and will no longer show on the Summary Page or Lease Expiration Report.

    Rentec Direct Summary Page

    Pro Tip: At the top of every page within Rentec Direct software there are clickable icons to access Communications, Notifications, and Getting Help features. At the bottom are links to the Knowledge Base, Getting Help feature, and Live Chat.

    System Updates, News & Tips, and Quick Access Links

    In the second half of the Summary page you'll find:

    • System Updates link to articles detailing new and upcoming features and program updates.
    • News & Tips link to industry-related articles, tenant resources, and helpful tips from the Rentec Direct blog. 

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    • Quick Access, located at the bottom of your screen, provides direct links to important documents and communications requiring attention. Some Quick Access links do not display unless they call for action, such as Insurance Required and documents to be reviewed. Quick Access links include:
      • Tenants with expiring or no insurance
      • Insurance documents that have been submitted 
      • Online applications that have been received 
      • Inspections that have been received 
      • Leases, agreements, and other documents that required signature received 
      • Tenant Screening reports received 
      • Blue Moon documents available to be reviewed (for those that are subscribed to Blue Moon and set up for integration)

Rentec Direct Summary page 2

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