Rent Discount | Tenant Credit, Concession, Write Off

For various reasons, you might find that you want to discount a tenant's monthly rental charge or post a credit to their account. Rental discounts are also known as concessions, write-offs, and tenant credits. 

Apply a Tenant Credit

Instead of adjusting a transaction, it's usually recommended to show both the original charge and then apply a credit to the ledger for the discount. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Tenants
  2. Choose Post Charge from the Tenant Profile Card or Tenant Menu 
  3. Enter a negative number (example -100.00)
  4. Enter a description for the discount
  5. If this will be a recurring discount, check the Recurring box to set up the details

    System NoteIt's important to use the same Category that was used for the Rent Charge (Most commonly used 120) to balance the amount the tenant owes which will properly display on their tenant portal and in reports such as the rent roll and delinquent tenant reports. 
  6. Post Charge 

Important Note: If your tenant has scheduled online payments, they may need to be reminded to adjust the scheduled payment amount for the duration of the discount.  

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