Sending Email Messages to Tenants, Owners, and Vendors

Quickly send customized emails to tenants, owners, and vendors.

It is extremely easy to send emails through Rentec Direct property management software with clickable links throughout the software on each page, tab, and report. As you become familiar with your software, hover over names, properties, blue and bold text to view and access clickable links. Explore the various options to decide how you prefer to create emails.

See details for sending custom emails below.

Send Emails with Rentec Direct

How to Send an Email Message

The following steps review one of the options for creating emails.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Access the list of contacts
    1. Click on Tenants or Owners
    2. To send a message to a vendor
      1. Click on Settings
      2. Under People click on Vendors & Payees
  2. Right-click on the tenant, owner, or vendor

    TIP: Clicking directly on an email address will start a new message
  3. Click on Messaging
  4. Click on the Envelope
  5. Templates can be helpful with messages that are commonly used and for messages sent to groups 
    1. Use the dropdown to select an existing Template
    2. Click on +Add New to create and use a New Template
    3. Leave the default of No Template to compose your own message


      * Only Templates created for "Email" can be selected 
      Click here to learn more about Creating Email and Text Messaging Templates
  6. The To field will auto-populate the email address from the individual's profile
  7. To send to a group
    1. Click on Send to a Group
    2. Click in the To field to select one or more groups
    3. Click on whichever group/groups are to receive the message
  8. Enter a Subject (required) 
  9. Upload Files from your device or Choose Files from your Rentec Direct file library to be included with the message
  10. Compose your message using the toolbar to customize:
    1. Size, emphasis, and color of the font
    2. Highlighting options
    3. Alignment of the message
    4. Inserting lines and graphs
    5. Attaching documents or photos
    6. Data fields allow information from the tenant and property profiles to automatically populate in the message when being sent to a group
  11. Click on Send Message

    Click here to see how Data Fields can save you time when creating rental / lease agreements and other commonly used forms with Rentec Direct 

View Email, Text Messages, and Recorded Messages

Rentec Direct offers convenient solutions to store all communications with tenants, vendors, and owners. 

These steps walk through how to access the messaging history in your account.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Access the list of tenants, owners, or vendors
    1. Click on Tenants or Owners
    2. For vendors:
      1. Click on Settings
      2. Under People click on Vendors & Payees
  2. Right-click on the person and select Messaging
  3. Click directly on the message to view the entire message separately with a print option
  4. Click on Hide Read to view only the messages that haven't been read.   
    1. Click on Mark All Read then Hide Read to hide all messages
    2. Click on Show Read to have previously hidden items show

Recording Replies

When a tenant, owner, or vendor replies to your email, their reply will go into your computer's default email program inbox, so they do not post automatically within your Rentec Direct account. Your software provides a tool to quickly save date and time-stamped replies.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Access the list of contacts
    1. Click on Tenants or Owners
    2. To record a message from a vendor:
      1. Click on Settings
      2. Under People click on Vendors & Payees
  2. Right-click on the person and select Messaging 
  3. Click on the Red Record Button
  4. Text Message IconsCopy and paste the email that you received 
  5. Click on Record Message
    Note: After a message has been recorded, it will then show on the list along with your sent messages.

Pro TipThis tool could also be used to log other communication such as voicemail messages and letters. 

System Notes: 

  • By default, emails sent from your Rentec Direct account will show you or your company's name in the "From" field and any replies will go directly to your email address
  • Emails will be sent using an authenticated mail system that has a high deliverability rate

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