The Remodel | Discover the New Rentec Direct Experience

New Features and Enhancements

Rental Applications Enhanced
You will have the ability to add unlimited customized questions to your rental application.

New Vendor File Library
Now you can access a file library for every vendor or payee you enter into the system. Within that vendor library, you can email a file and see all the files previously sent. 

New Email Notifications for Joint Tenants
The new release allows you to set up email notifications for co-renters so they also get notices for items such as past-due rent, rent charges posted, etc. 

Bulk Delete Transaction Tool
Deleting items one-by-one is very time consuming. The new experience allows you to quickly delete those unwanted transactions in bulk. 

Menu Enhancements
You no longer need to enter a bank ledger to find options to reconcile, update balance, transfers, bank sync, etc. as they are now also available on the menu for each bank account. 

Responsive Design

Work on the go, in the office, or onsite from any device. Because the new design is dynamic, it works well on all devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is also responsive on a computer and changes to fit depending on computer and browser settings. For example, when resizing a browser window, the software changes the display to fit the screen and offers additional ways to access important information. 

Efficient & Modern 

Quickly and easily navigate your software to accomplish tasks and find important information. 

When you first log in you'll be greeted with a software tour guide that will point out important tools and changes on each page. That tool can be turned off and on at any time. 

But before you have access to the new design, here are some highlights to expect: 

A Main Menu Replaces Tabs
Instead of tabs at the top of each page, you'll now have a more robust menu option on the left. In the dynamic design on smaller screens, there will be an icon to access that menu at any time. 

To make them easier to find, achieved items (such as tenants, properties, and owners), rental applications, inspections, work orders, and e-signatures were added to the main menu. 

Rentec Direct Software Main Menu

The Accounts tab options have been separated into Owners and Banking on the main menu to help you navigate more quickly to the desired task. For example: Pay all Owners is a quick button accessed from the Owners List. 

Accessible Information
All email and text messages from the Quick Access links on your current software version are now located at the top of each page for easy access and efficient communication. 

Rentec Communication and Notification Icons Rentec message notifications

Prominent Summary boxes have been added for quick access to Vacancies, Lease Expiring Soon, Rent Overdue, and Open Workorders in place of the cluttered drop-down lists of notifications. 

Rentec Direct Software Summary Notifications

Profile Cards and Details
In full-screen view, click on any Property, Tenant, Owner, or Bank Account for a Profile Card display on the left that holds handy information. On smaller screens and devices those details are accessible using the drop-down arrow to the right of the chosen Property, Tenant, Owner, or Bank Account.  

Rentec Property Profile Card

Often Overlooked Gems Now Easier to Find

  • Global search is still available but now on the top left of every page.
  • Notifications and Reminders Bell is at the top right of every page.
  • There is a new look and feel to Utilities in Settings. That's where you'll find your Transaction History details and other often overlooked yet very useful tools.
  • Summary Quick Access links are now displayed across the bottom of your Summary without the need to click a menu. And because of the uncluttered Summary design, they are more noticeable. 

What Will This Cost Me?

There is no cost to you for this upgrade.

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