Adjust a Tenant Charge or Rent Due Date

On occasion, you might inadvertently enter an incorrect due date for tenant rent or other charges and you'll want to manually adjust it in the system.  

How to Adjust a Tenant Charge or Rent Due Date

You can easily adjust a tenant charge by making adjustments in the advanced Recurring Transactions settings. 

System note: Editing recurring transactions is an advanced procedure. Changing settings within the screen can have a significant impact on your accounting and the operations of the program. Follow carefully the instructions below. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under Financial settings choose Recurring Transactions.
  3. Select the Paper/Pencil edit icon on the right of the rent or charge you wish to edit.
  4. You have a few options on this page:
    1. To update rent or charge amount: change the Begin Date and the Amount
    2. To adjust the due date: change the Begin Date and the Interval Day (this is the day of the month the rent is due). 

      System Note: Do not change the Action, Category, End Date, nor Type without express understanding of how those settings may impact ledgers, invoices, and reports. 
  5. Click Update Transaction when finished. 
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