Moving Out a Tenant

When you receive notice that your tenant is going to be moving out, you will want to schedule their move-out date.

Moving Out a Tenant

These instructions are for setting the date of move-out in the system. When that date occurs, the system will automatically move the tenant out of the property. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Tenants.
  2. Right-click a Tenant and select Move-Out Options from the menu.
  3. Enter the information necessary such as the move out date. 

    NoteBe sure to verify the property you are scheduling a move-out for is listed correctly. For example: if they are transferring from one unit to another, use the arrow drop-down option and select the correct unit. 
  4.  Click Move Tenant Out when finished. 


  • If Automatic Rent Escalations or Cash Payments are enabled, they will be disabled immediately for this renter. 
  • If the date is specified in the future, any recurring transactions up to that date will proceed. 
  • If a past date is specified, you may need to adjust accounting manually. 

Tip: If you need to change this move-out date, simply follow the above directions and select a new date.  

What Happens After the Move Out?

Any recurring transactions (usually rent invoicing) associated with this tenant and property will be disabled following the move-out date you specified. 

After the move-out date has happened, your tenant will be removed from the property but will still appear under the tenant tab as inactive. This will give you an opportunity to view their ledger and make any last changes for credits/charges before archiving that tenant ledger. 

Information for archiving a tenant can be found here: Archive, Reactive, or Delete a Tenant

System NoteWhen the system moves out a tenant, it ungroups all grouped co-renters from that property as well. If you only want to move out a co-renter only, ungroup that co-renter from the master tenant.

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