Getting Started with RentReporters

Renters can use on-time rent payments to improve their credit score through the integration between Rentec Direct and RentReporters. 
More information about RentReporters can be found here: Integrations | RentReporters
As the landlord, it is free for you and an easy two step process: 
  1. Activate your RentReporters setting in your Rentec Direct Account. 
  2. Tell your tenants you can help improve their credit score, since you are a RentReporters landlord or property manager. 

Activate your RentReporters Setting

To give your tenants access to RentReporters, simply activate that setting in your account with these easy instructions. 

In your Rentec Direct account:
  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click on Program Defaults.
  3. Under Portal Settings find the 'Tenant Portal: Allow tenants to report rent in the Tenant Portal' option and select YES.

    Activate RentReporters in Tenant Portal

  4. Click Save Changes to enable this feature.

Tell Your Tenants About RentReporters

Once activated you can share information about RentReporters with your tenants (co-renters too). We have uploaded many flyers and handouts you can share with your tenants electronically or in print. 

You can find those handouts here: Tenant Resources for Rentec Direct Clients

Tenant Portal View

Once you have used the instructions above to activate RentReporters, your tenants will see this notice in their Tenant Portal: 

Tenant Portal Notice for RentReporters Signup

The more information button will display: 

RenReporter Information Tenants see in their Tenant Portal

The signup button takes them to a simple signup page:

RentReporters Signup Page from the Tenant Portal

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