Getting Started with Rhino | Security Deposit Insurance

Rhino is a Security Deposit Insurance solution that can be used in lieu of receiving a Security Deposit from your tenants. 

More information on Security Deposit Insurance with Rhino can be found here: Security Deposit Insurance | Rhino

Create a Rhino Partner Account

Your Rhino Partner account enables you to see who has been invited to sign up for Rhino, view properties currently set up with Rhino, and view and manage any policies that have been setup.

The first step in offering your tenants security deposit insurance is to create a Rhino Partner Account. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under Tools click Utilities
  3. Click the Rhino Security Deposit Insurance button

    Rhino Security Deposit Insurance Settings
  4. Insert your Name and your Email Address

    Note: The status will show pending as their system sends you an email invitation. You can either use the email link or wait for the invitation link in this setting to appear. 

    Rhino Security Deposit Insurance Set Up

Whether you utilize the email sent by Rhino, or the get started now link in Settings, you will be taken to the Rhino portal to create your Rhino Partner account. 

In your Rhino Partner portal: 

  1. Enter your First and Last Name
  2. Enter your email address  
  3. Create and enter a password

Create your Rhino Partner Account in the Rhino Portal

After creating your Rhino Partner account you can then start to enable Security Deposit Insurance for your properties. 

Note: Go ahead and close your Rhino portal after you've created your account. All your properties will need to be enabled in your Rentec Direct account and not through the Rhino portal. 

More information for enabling Rhino for your properties can be found here:  Enable Rhino Security Deposit Insurance on a Property

Rhino Partner account setup confirmation

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