Invite Tenants to Sign Up for Rhino

Once a you have enabled Rhino on your Properties, you can then invite Tenants to sign up for security deposit insurance. 

More information on Security Deposit Insurance features can be found here:  Security Deposit Insurance | Rhino

More information on getting started with Rhino can be found here: Getting Started with Rhino | Security Deposit Insurance

Invite Tenants to Sign Up For Rhino

Invite your tenant to sign up for Rhino when placing a tenant into a Rhino-enabled property instead of asking for a Security Deposit. 

Tenants who are invited to use Rhino will receive an email prompting them to create an account on Rhino. Invited tenants will answer some questions and choose from the proffered policies. Policies for active Rhino tenants will be displayed on the Tenants Deposit Ledger page.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Properties
  2. Click the Place New Tenant link

Place New Tenant in Rhino Enabled Property

  1. Select the Use Rhino Security Deposit Insurance option to invite the Tenant to sign up for Rhino. 

    Invite new tenant to use Rhino
  2. Fill in their first and last name, an email address, and a lease-end date of at least six months from now. 

    NoteSecurity Deposit Insurance is not supported for Company tenants at this time. 
  3. After you Place Tenant into the property, they will receive an email from Rhino (see screenshot below) to sign up for security deposit insurance from Rhino. 

Rhino Tenant Sign Up Email

Tenant Security Deposit Insurance with Rhino Status

Until the Tenant has completed the sign up, the Security Deposit Insurance status will be listed as Pending. During this time the Deposit Ledger will display No Rhino Policy Set Up

Pending Tenant Sign up with Rhino

After a Tenant has accepted the Rhino invitation and completed their sign up with Rhino, Security Deposit Insurance will show as Enabled on the Tenant Profile Card. 

Rhino Security Deposit Insurance Enabled

View Insurance Details

You can find the Rhino policy information for your Tenant by going to the tenant's Deposit Ledger directly or by clicking the Enabled link in the Tenant Profile Card (see screenshot above) which will take you to the tenant's Deposit Ledger.  Once in the Deposit Ledger, click the View Details link for the policy information. 

Rhino policy information located in Deposit Ledger

Renter Cancellation

If the renter asks to cancel their rhino policy, you have 7 days to respond before it is cancelled to request it remain active. 

Important note: If Rhino does not hear from your within that timeframe, the tenant policy will be canceled automatically. 

Rhino cancellation

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