Moved Out a Tenant by Mistake

If you ever happen to move a tenant out by mistake, you have the ability to place them back into the property that they were occupying before the accidental move out.

Reverse an Accidental Move Out

It is very similar to how you placed the tenant in the unit originally, but with a few unique steps and important items to notice. 
In your Rentec Direct account
  1. Click Tenants to confirm that the Tenant is in an Inactive state.
  2. Click Properties
  3. Click the Place New Tenant link
  4. On the Place New Tenant page, select Use Existing Tenant and choose the Tenant from the drop-down menu.

    Place New Tenant Use Existing Tenant Drop-Down Menu

    Note: This makes it to where the same tenant profile will be moved into that property with all of the pre-existing information and transactions. This prevents you from accidentally creating a duplicate entry of the tenant.
  5. Enter the rental information but pay special attention to the Move In Date and Begin Charges On date. 

    The Move In Date can be historical, however we recommend that the Begin Date be set as the current month or next so you do not create years or months worth of unwanted historical charges.  It could look something like this: 

    Use current or next month for Begin Charges

  6. Click Place Tenant to place the tenant back into their original unit. 
Important: You will need to review the tenant ledgers and make corrections if you happen to create a duplicate charge and you will also want to correct the security deposit ledger if there is a duplicate entry for deposit due.
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