Void a Check

There are times when it is necessary to void a check or transaction yet, keep a record on a ledger within the system. 

Important Note: If you need to keep a more detailed paper trail, especially if a particular check was included in a bank reconciliation, it is advised to post a ledger adjustment transaction (also known as a journal entry) instead of voiding the check. 

Instructions on posting a journal entry can be found here: Ledger Adjustment Transactions | Journal Entry

How to Void a Check

Follow these simple instructions to void a check.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Banking
  2. Right-click the Ledger where the transaction is posed and choose View Ledger from the drop-down menu
  3. Click the paper/pencil icon or double click to open the transaction

    Tip: To find your transaction quickly, enter the check number you wish to void in the top-right Filter box 
  4. Edit the dollar amount to zero out the amount of the transaction
  5. Enter VOID in both the Display As field and the Memo field. The VOID will now be visible in the check register report as well as the ledger report and detail
  6. Click Save Changes when finished
The system keeps a record of the transaction edit history for you. 
Instructions to view the Transaction Edit History can be found here: Transaction History Audit Log
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