Miscellaneous Reports

In addition to the  FinancialTenant, and Screening reports sections, your property management software provides a designated section of miscellaneous reports helpful to your rental business. 

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Choosing a Miscellaneous Report

Creating a useful report is easy with these steps.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Reports
  2. Under Reports, click on Miscellaneous Reports
  3. Use either the Property or Account drop-down menu  
    1. Choose Property allows you to select All Properties or a specific property or unit
    2. Choose Account allows you to select a financial or owner ledger.  
  4. Use the Report Period drop-down options or enter a Date Begin/End range
  5. Click on the desired report

System NoteChoose the report criteria before clicking the desired report. The report will be pulled up and displayed. You then have the option to Print, Email, or Save the report as needed.

Available Miscellaneous Property Management Reports

Available Rentals
A selection of market listed units with summarized information and a picture. Ideal for walk-ins looking for a rental.

Owner Contact List
Provides a consolidated contact list for all active owners including phone, email, and mailing address.
Owner Property List
Provides a list of all active owners including phone, email, and mailing address and properties.
Owner Statement A
Provides a statement for owners with each unit separate displaying income, expenses, reserves, and distributions.
Owner Statement B
Provides a statement for owners but groups each multi-unit property into a single consolidated page.
Property Service Dates
A sortable report showing the dates the properties within the account went in and out of service.
Property Manager Rents
This report shows rent income & management fees organized by property and grouped by the assigned property manager.   
Property Listings
Shows property listing and application status. Dates apply to applications received and application fee payments.
Property Performance
Shows occupancy rate graph, income/expense graph, and other vital details for a property.
Vendor Contact List
Provides a consolidated contact list for all vendors including phone and mailing address.
Work Orders Closed
Report shows all closed work orders, their associated property, tenant, and assignments.
Work Orders Open
Report shows all current work orders, their associated property, tenant and assignments.
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