Edit Tenants, Properties, Banking and Owners

There will be times when changes need to be made to your Rentec Direct property management account. Whether the change is to your Tenants, Properties, Banking information, or Owners, follow this quick and simple process. 

Edit Tenants, Properties, Banking, and Owners

Editing information is the same basic process for all of these fields. 

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Select the page where the information you'd like to edit is located. Tenants, Properties, Banking, or Owners
  2. To access the menu, either
    1. Right click next to the information to be edited or
    2. Click on the three dots to the right


    To make changes select:

    1. For Banking - Edit Account
    2. For Tenants - Edit Tenant
    3. For Properties - Edit Property
    4. For Owners - Edit Owner
  3. Make changes as needed and click Save Changes

Note: To avoid accidentally deleting information while editing, a pop up will appear when a user tries to leave pages they have edited but not saved.

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