Add Tenants

Tenants can be added at any time to the program but preferably after you have first configured Settings and added Banking ledgers, Owners (PM version), Managers, and Properties first. 

Adding a Tenant 

There are two ways to add tenants to the system depending on your needs. The first creates a tenant list but does not place them in a property. This can be useful if you have delegated the bulk of the tenant date-entry, otherwise, adding tenants as you place them into a property is the most popular option. 

Important Note: These instructions cover creating a tenant list prior to moving them into a property. 

Instructions on adding a tenant to a property can be found here | How to Place a Tenant Into a Property

Adding a Tenant to the Tenant List

Again, these are instructions for adding a tenant only to the Tenant List. Once added, they will be inactive until you place a tenant into a property (see instruction link above). 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Tenants
  2. Click Add a Tenant.
  3. Enter the Tenant Details and Contact Information only.

    System Note: Any changes to the other sections will not save as those are determined by the Settings, Property, or Move-In details. Additionally, do not attempt to set up the Tenant Portal until after they are placed into a property.  
  4. Click Add Tenant when finished. 
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