Updating Two-Factor Authentication Settings and Preferences

Keeping account and security information current for administrators and subusers saves time and helps ensure account security. Whether a cell phone number is changed, a user is traveling, or you want to add a new passkey, there will be times when your two-factor authentication settings need to be updated.

Updating Two-Factor Authentication Settings for the Administrator

The following instructions walk you through updating information and preferences for the account administrator's two-factor authentication (2FA).

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Login & Password under the Account section
  3. Under Two-Factor Authentication:
    1. To add or delete passkeys
      1. Click on Manage keys
      2. Click on Register New Passkey to add a new passkey
      3. Click on Add Key after adding a new key
      4. Click on the little trash can icon to the right of a passkey to delete

    2. To change the phone number used to send the authentication code
      1. Type the phone number over the existing number
      2. Click Submit
    3. To change the primary Two-Factor Authentication method
      1. Click on the star to the left of the Authentication method you prefer as the Primary method
      2. Click on Submit

Updating Two-Factor Authentication Preferences for Subusers

If you process payments with your Rentec Direct account, your subusers are required to activate two-factor authentication.

If your subusers need to update their two-factor authentication, they can follow the same instructions stated above to update their phone number for text message authentication or edit their passkeys.

Account Login Assistance for Subusers (Temporarily Disable 2FA)

If a subuser is unable to log in, they may reach out to the account administrator or someone on your team with permission to update subuser accounts. In some instances, the account administrator might need to disable two-factor authentication for a subuser.

If a subuser has lost or changed their two-factor information and cannot log in, an account administrator has the ability to temporarily disable two-factor authentication for the subuser. Once disabled, the subuser can log in and then set up two-factor authentication again using their new phone number or key. An account administrator may deactivate two-factor authentication for a subuser with the following steps.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under the People section, click on Managers & Users
  3. Locate the Manager or User to be updated
  4. Click on the paper/pencil icon to the right to edit
  5. Click on Disable 2FA
  6. Click on the red Disable 2FA Authentication link when prompted
  7. The subuser can now log in and update their Two-Factor Authentication

Disable 2FA for subusers

Note: Virtual assistants (VAs) often do not have reliable mobile service that can support text-based two-factor authentication. As such, we recommend VAs use a passkey for authentication. VAs are recommended to consult their IT professional for assistance when registering a passkey.

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