Adding and Using Two-Factor Authentication | Passkeys

Using Passkeys for your Rentec Direct account login is easy to set up and makes your two-factor authentication faster, more secure, and more convenient. 

Passkeys are the most secure account protection method because you need to physically possess the device in order to access your account. It would be impossible for a hacker to get access to your account unless they stole your security key. There are multiple types of passkey options, and Rentec Direct supports all of them, like FaceID, fingerprints, and passkey apps. 
The first step is to set up your passkey(s). 
Important Note: For more information on the importance and benefits of Passkey Security, click this link  Rentec Direct Launches Industry Leading Passkey Security Feature

How to Set Up a Passkey

The following directions will walk you through the steps for setting up a USB style security key as your passkey.  
In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Login & Password under Account
  3. In the Two-Factor Authentication section, check the box for Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  4. Click the star to make the Passkey option the primary Two-Factor Authentication method
  5. Plug your physical security key into your computer via USB or USB-C
  6. Click Add key
  7. Enter a nickname for your passkey
    1. Multiple passkeys can be registered, so a nickname is helpful to remember which one to set at the primary option
    2. If you want to add more passkeys, click on Manage keys
  8. Click Add
  9. Follow the prompts on your computer to complete the security key set up
  10. Touch your security key and/or press the security key's button when prompted

System Note: If you previously shared your login and password information with others to access your account, immediately set them up as a subuser. Anyone you were sharing your information with will not be able to access your account since you will have the key.

This link provides more information on how to Add Subusers, Managers, and Additional Users to Your Account

Using a Passkey to Log in

When you sign in to your account after a passkey(s) have been added, you’ll be directed to select the passkey to continue the login process. These instructions walk you through your first login using passkeys. 

Note: Before using a passkey for the  first time, be sure to log out of any sessions you might have currently open.

In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Go to your Rentec Direct login screen
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. Sign In
  4. Follow onscreen instructions to select your passkey or key. How those appear will vary depending on your browser and operating system, but here are a few examples:

    1. Passkey iOS
    2. Mozilla Firefox on Windows

      Passkey Mozilla
    3. Google Chrome

      Passkey Google Chrome
  5. Insert your security key to the USB port
  6. Touch your security key and/or press the security key's button when prompted

Where Can I Get a Passkey?

Passkeys can be used for other programs and accounts beyond your Rentec Direct account. Be sure to get the key type that supports your available USB ports (usually USB-A or USB-C). If you're not sure where to purchase a Passkey, you may want to check your local office supply store or review the options at the following links:

Important Note: There are multiple types of passkey options, and Rentec Direct supports all of them, like FaceID, fingerprints, and passkey apps. A USB style security key is an affordable and convenient option for setting up your passkey for two-factor authentication.

What if I Lose my Key? 

Passkeys are an extremely secure way of securing and accessing your account.  A passkey is similar to a vehicle key; if you lose it, your best hope of starting the car is using a spare key.  For this reason, we highly recommend that you set up more than one key and/or enable text message two-factor authentication as a backup solution.  If you still have difficulties, reach out to your Success team, and we will have a process for validating your identity and getting you into your account.

What if I have multiple linked Rentec Direct accounts? 

If you have enabled two-factor authentication and added passkeys to your primary account, you're all set! You will still be able to toggle between all linked secondary accounts without taking additional actions needed. 

When Will I Use Two-Factor Authentication?

If the system does not recognize your computer. It will prompt you for a secondary means of account verification. This way, even if somebody obtained or guessed your password, they would also need to have possession of your security key or mobile phone to log in and access your data.


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