Adding and Using Two-Factor Authentication | Subusers

It's important for everyone accessing a Rentec Direct property management software program to have their own username, password, and two-factor authentication to maintain the security of the account. Each user on accounts with online payment processing is required to set up two-factor authentication (2FA). While it's not required for other accounts, it is encouraged.

Two-factor authentication provides an additional verification step beyond a username and password, making it nearly impossible to fall victim to phishing attempts and hackers.

There are two primary methods for two-factor authentication: passkeys and text messages. Either one or both options can be selected. Each subuser will set up their own two-factor authentication that works best for them. 

How Subusers Set up a Passkey as the Primary Two-Factor Authentication Method

The following steps will demonstrate how a subuser will set up two-factor authentication. 

When a subuser logs into their Rentec Direct account, they will be greeted with a pop up tells them they are required to setup two-factor authentication. To get started, click on the button for Go to Security Settings, which will take them to the screen to setup their two-factor authentication settings. 

Enable Two-Factor Authentication reminder

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. From the window, click on Go to Security Settings
  2. In the Two-Factor Authentication section, check the box for Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  3. Click the star to make the Passkey option the primary two-factor authentication method
  4. Plug your physical security key into your computer via USB or USB-C
  5. Click Add key
  6. Enter a nickname for your passkey
    1. Multiple passkeys can be registered, so a nickname is helpful to remember which one to set as the primary option
  7. Click Add
  8. Follow the prompts on your computer to complete the security key set up
  9. Touch your security key and/or press the security key's button when prompted

  10. Add your cell phone number under the Text Message section
    1. Providing a phone number allows you to still access your account if you don't have your security key with you
  11. Click Submit

Important Note: If you are using a secure computer, like your personal device or computer, you have the option to select "Don't ask for codes again on this computer". It is not recommended that you select this option for shared computers or public computers.

How Subusers Set Up Text Message as the Primary Two-Factor Authentication Method

When a subuser first logs in their account, they will be greeted with a popup window telling you to enable two-factor authentication. 

Enable two-factor authentication for subusers

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. From the window, click on Go to Security Settings
  2. In the Two-Factor Authentication section, check the box for Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  3. Click the star to make Text Message option the primary Two-Factor Authentication method
  4. Input your cell phone number
  5. Click Submit

Troubleshooting Passkey Registration

Since there are multiple types of passkey options, they might produce different prompts on your computer that are unrelated to Rentec Direct's software. We will assist you to the best of our ability, but in some cases it might be challenging without us being physically present in the room with you. We provide this documentation to support the most common type of security key used for passkey registration. In some cases, using test message based authentication will be the best option for your needs.

Note:  Virtual assistants are recommended to consult their IT professional for assistance when registering a passkey.

Where Can I Get a Passkey?

Passkeys can be used for other programs and accounts beyond your Rentec Direct account. Be sure to get the key type that supports your available USB ports (usually USB-A or USB-C). If you're not sure where to purchase a passkey, you may want to check your local office supply store or review the options at the following links:

Important Note:  There are multiple types of passkey options, and Rentec Direct supports all of them, like FaceID, fingerprints, and passkey apps. A USB style security key is an affordable and convenient option for setting up your passkey for Two-Factor Authentication.

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