Name and/or EIN Change with PayNearMe (Cash Pay)

Name and/or EIN Change with Merchant Account

Updating PayNearMe Due to a DBA, Legal Name, and/or EIN Change 

If your company has a PayNearMe account used for settlement funding and is changing any of the following, the existing PayNearMe account will need to be closed and a new account applied for:

  • Legal name change
  • EIN change
  • DBA and EIN change
  • Update signers on the application

Important Note: For a DBA only change, contact and allow PayNearMe to guide you through the process.

You will want to consider the timing of changing bank accounts used for PayNearMe. (Example: If rent is due by the 5th of the month, you will want to allow time for the transition of accounts for payments to settle)

To change the bank account where the PayNearMe funds are deposited and there are no changes to the name or EIN:

  • Complete this PayNearMe Deposit Account Change form and email it to with a letter from your bank that indicates the bank account and routing number, stamped by a bank employee. 
Note: A $75 bank change fee will be billed to your Rentec Direct account to process this request.

The three changes that will need to take place are:

  1. Close your existing PayNearMe account
  2. Apply for a new PayNearMe account
  3. Enable Cash Payments for Tenants

Important Note: New payslips will need to be used for transactions

The following directions will guide you on how to make these changes.

  1. Close your PayNearMe account
    1. Send an email request to success@rentecdirect.comfrom the Rentec Direct account Administrator's email on your account and provide
      1. Contact information
      2. A daytime phone number so that we can verify the validity of the request

    Important Notes:

    • The email will not be deemed delivered until you have received confirmation from Rentec Direct that it was received
    • Alternatively, you can close your account by sending a letter first-class mail to Rentec Direct, 231 SW I St, Grants Pass, OR 97526-2814
    • You will receive an email confirmation in 2-5 days, letting you know your account has been updated.
  2. Apply for a new PayNearMe account

    In your Rentec Direct account:

    1) Click on Settings
    2) Under Financial, click on Cash Payments
    3) After reading the helpful information, click on Apply Now
  3. Enable Cash Payments for Tenants

    In your Rentec Direct account:

    1) Click on Tenants
    2) Right-click on a tenant and select Online Payments 
    3) Click the Enable Cash Payments button
    4) Confirm the tenant information is correct and click on Enable Cash Payments


  • Tenants can log in to the tenant portal via their Resident Connect Mobile app to show their PaySlip to clerks
  • Tenants can print out their PaySlip from the tenant portal
  • Rentec Direct clients can print tenant payslips or text it to them from the Online Payments page

Click here for more information about Electronic Rent Collection for Cash Paying Tenants (PayNearMe)

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