Product Billing Reports

Quickly create reports for all transactions billed in a ledger format to track your accounts receivable.

Rentec Direct property management software provides report options to track your Product Billing / Accounts Receivable.

  • Product Billing Summary - This report displays a monthly summary of all selected products combined and can be created by Property or Owner clients in pre-defined or custom whole-month increments up to 12 months
  • Product Billing Statement - This report displays individual transactions of selected products and can be created by Property or Owner clients in pre-defined or custom time frames

    Rentec Direct Product Billing Statement

Pro Tips:

  • Click on the ⭐ to save any report to your list of Favorites

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Reports
  2. Click on the NEW Try our remodeled reports link if you haven't switched to the new reports yet
  3. Select the report you would like to create
    1. Under Accounting, click on Product Billing Summary; or
    2. Under Tenant, click on Product Billing Statement
  4. Select a Custom Report Period or use the dropdown to select one that is pre-defined 
  5. Using the dropdowns, select the Owner/s or Property/Properties
  6. Click on one product or use ctrl or shift to select multiple products
  7. Create a Report Name to help organize and retrieve your reports
  8. Check the Show Categories box in the Product Billing Summary report to reflect a list of products included in the report
  9. Click on Submit 

System Notes:

  • In both reports, clicking on the Property will take you to the property ledger
  • In the Product Billing Statement, clicking on the Expense will take you to the transaction details to make any necessary edits

To return to the report, click on the page back arrow

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