Understanding Credit Reports

Within Rentec Direct, both Landlords and Property Managers are able to pull TransUnion credit reports on prospective tenants, via StarPoint Screening services.  These credit reports offer a wealth of information about your prospective tenant.   Being able to understand these reports is important as you will be using this information to make a decision on whether or not someone meets your criteria to become your tenant.

We recommend that you review the information provided to you carefully and use this report as a tool.  Our credit screening reports are created from information provided directly from the credit bureau.  We have all heard of credit scams and inaccurately recorded information, so be sure to examine these reports carefully and compare them with the information your prospective tenant offers you on their rental application.

The links below provide you with examples of the credit report card versus the full credit report ...

Credit Report Card

Full Credit Report

Note: When ordering either a credit report card or a full credit report through Rentec for the purpose of tenant screening, it is considered a "hard hit" inquiry on the applicant's credit report.  

It will show as the Rentec account holder's name or company name.

If the report was pulled prior to April 2019, it will show as being pulled by "
The LIG Groupas that is the name of the holding company for StarPoint Screening.


In addition to Credit Reports, Rentec Direct offers a array of other screening reports.  A complete list and description of products offered can be found at:


For more information on signing up to use Rentec Direct's tenant screening products, head to the Reports tab in your program.

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