Add a Logo to Reports (Branding Reports)

Step 1 – Upload your logo into the system

*Make sure that your logo conforms to these dimensions, as the software uses these dimensions in multiple places throughout the site.

Step 2 – Add your Logo to Reports

  • Select the Settings Tab
  • Click on Program Defaults
  • Find the “Report header options” and select your display from the drop down menu.
You have three choices for the report header style.  Those choices are: 

1) Your contact info only
2) Your Logo and Contact Info, side by side
3) Only your logo

Depending on which option you choose, your logo could be scaled, so make sure the dimensions are 185px x 63px.  

Name and Address Report Header

Name, Address, and Logo Report Header

Logo Only Report Header

The option you choose when selecting your Report Header Options will roll over on all reports that are generated as a PDF to be downloaded, emailed and printed. You do not currently have the option to add logos to some reports but not others.  
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