Make Checks Payable To (Legacy)

This help article contains instructions for the Legacy Version of Rentec Direct. More information about the latest version of Rentec Direct can be found here: The Remodel | Rentec Direct’s Newest Software Update

You can configure each property so that the printed statement for a tenant in that property will indicate who the tenant should make a check payable to when paying by check, or you can choose to leave the 'make checks payable to' message off the statement altogether. 

Configure or Change the 'Payable To' Message

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click on the Properties tab.
  2. From the menu for a property click Edit Property.
  3. From the Payable To drop-down, choose Property Manager (within the Rentec Direct PM version), Property Owner, or select Do Not Show
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

make checks payable to

Once you have selected Property Manager or Property Owner, the name and address shown on the Tenant's Statement will then display the address you have entered for the property manager or property owner. 

tenant statement

Instructions on how to add or edit a property manager can be found here: Add Property Managers

Instructions on how to add an owner or change the address on file for a property owner can be found here: Add Owners

If you are using the Rentec Direct Pro account as a private landlord, you are the owner and manager. 

How to Change Your Address in Rentec Direct Pro Version

In your Rentec Direct account

  1. Click on the Settings tab.
  2. Click on the Your Contact Information option. 
  3. Edit the address field and click Save Change.
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