Custom Forms Editor (Legacy)

This help article contains instructions for the Legacy Version of Rentec Direct. More information about the latest version of Rentec Direct can be found here: The Remodel | Rentec Direct’s Newest Software Update

(Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome are recommended when using this tool vs. Internet Explorer)

Rentec Pro and PM subscribers can use the Forms Editor to create a document with data fields that will automatically pull relevant tenant or property information and automatically input them into the form for you.  

Under the Settings tab, select the option labeled "Forms". Forms are like templates that will be populated with information at a later time. To add a new form click "Add Form" on the left side of the page.  

To add content to the form, click within the content area and begin typing or pasting content. You can insert additional database fields by clicking "Data Fields" on the top right, which will open a menu for you to choose from...

Data Fields
Enter database merge fields in the body of your message to have the system automatically insert those values. Use the Preview button to test with sample data.

For example, if you entered:
  "Hello %first_name% %last_name%,"

The document would read:
  "Hello Joe Smith,"  

How to copy an existing document into Rentec Forms
If you have an existing document and want to copy it into Rentec's form system, the way to do this is via copy and then paste it over.  For example, open the document in your existing document editor.  Select all the text within your document (CTRL-A is a shortcut for this), then push CTRL-C on your keyboard (or right-click and choose Copy) to copy it into your computer's memory (aka, clipboard).  Return to Rentec Direct and create a blank form (or edit an existing one).  Place your cursor inside the form where you want the text to be placed and press CTRL-V on your keyboard (or right-click and choose Paste). This will move the content from your original document into the Rentec forms system.  The Rentec editor will attempt to maintain formatting; however, depending on the source sometimes the document formatting may need to be manually corrected to look right. You can press the Preview button at the bottom of the page to see what the document will look like when printed at any time.
For more detailed instructions on how to copy and paste, see this article
TIP:  If the formatting does not carry over well, it's often best to paste without formatting using CTRL-SHIFT-V instead, then do the formatting within the Rentec editor.

How to copy an existing .pdf document into Rentec Forms
If you have an existing .pdf document that you would like to copy and paste into the forms editor, you will first need to convert the file into another format such as an html document. is a website that converts .pdf files into .html files. You can use their site to convert your .pdf file and then copy the text from the converted .html file into our forms editor.

Users can access the following functions in the forms editor:

  • Send a Form to a Tenant or Owner via email.
  • Any Form can be sent through HelloSign to be electronically signed by a Tenant or Owner.
  • Tenants and Owners have access to Forms completed via HelloSign in their File Library through the Tenant or Owner Portals.
  • A new form field named “HelloSign Initials” allows HelloSign to request the signer’s initials at various points throughout the form.
  • In the Form template editor, a Page Break field has been added to the drop-down fields selector. You can now control exactly where your form content will skip to the next page. After insertion, the field appears as %PAGE_BREAK% in the editor and in the Preview or final PDF document it does an actual new page.
  • All your form templates (except Drafts) will be available in the drop-down selector.
  • A Forms option and a File Library option have been added to the Owner’s drop down menu.

To send a form via email, with the appropriate fields completed from the data in the tenant or owner records, select Forms from the Tenant or Owner popup menu. On the Forms page, below the template selector, choose the delivery option.  

Co-renter's can be added by clicking the Add Signer button and then entering the name and email address of the co-renter.  This will auto-populate the primary tenant's name and all co-renter name's that you added onto the lease anywhere you have used the %all_names% data field. 

Electronic Signatures (Hellosign) can be used or you may print/sign

User Permissions
If you are using Rentec Pro or PM and have additional user accounts, you can specify whether these accounts have permission to add/edit Forms.  Open Manage User Accounts under the Settings tab then select a user whose permissions you wish to edit. “Allow access to Forms” is required to edit forms. Please use caution when granting “Allow access to send Forms electronically".

Electronic signatures: $2.50/ea if the signature count exceeds 15% of property count. (IE…  if you have 100 units, your first 15 electronic documents per month are free). This would be extremely rare and to date Rentec Direct has never billed an overage fee, even once.  It’s just a precaution to ensure we can always offer this service free to everybody.  
More information about adding forms can be found here:
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