Understanding Bank Related Transactions

Bank-related transactions can either be all the income that flows from the tenant and property ledgers, all the expenses from the property ledger, or adding a transaction directly to the bank ledger. 

Bank Related Transactions 

In addition to the flow of transactions from the tenant and property ledgers to the corresponding bank ledger, there are a few occasions where you will manually post a transaction to a bank ledger. 

For example: tracking business income and expenses not related to a property like banking and professional fees as well as making credit card payments. More information can be found here: 

In addition, a few tools in the software if used will automatically post transactions or reports directly to a bank ledger or bank ledger note section. More information on those can be found here: 

Lastly, there are additional tools located in Banking for data-entry support: 

These tools are considered advanced and we've created specific Knowledge Base instructions to help you with these processes. More information can be found here: 

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