Tracking Business Income & Expenses

The software was designed to track property, tenant, owner, and bank account transactions related to property management. 

However, if you pay out management fees that are then deposited into a separate bank account and you would like to track your company's income and expenses for that separate bank account, (such as the income of management fees received and expenses such as travel, office supplies, licenses, etc.) you will be able to track those as well. 

Track Business Expenses

To track business expenses, you will need to add a bank account ledger, set up categories, and post transactions. 

  1. Add a Bank Account 

    Instructions for setting up a bank ledger can be found here: Add Banking Ledgers

    System NoteDo not assign this bank ledger to any property. 
  2. Create Income and Expense Categories

    Information on creating categories can be found here: Setting up Categories | Chart of Accounts

    System NoteIt is highly recommended to create separate categories for your business income and expenses prior to posting transactions as this will help you to avoid unintentional report and bookkeeping errors. 
  3. Start posting transactions

    Information on how to post a transaction can be found here: Posting an Income or Expense Transaction

    TipConsider using the Batch Income and Expense Transaction Tool and Bank Sync Tools for date-entry time-savings. 

Information on how to use the Batch Transaction Tool can be found here: Batch Income and Expense Transaction Tool

Instructions for syncing your bank transactions to a bank ledger can be found here: Automatic Bank Synchronization

System Advice:  It is highly recommended to use or convert to the method above if you are currently using a method that includes transactions being posted to a Property ledger. These 'business transactions' being posted to a Property ledger will affect reports including Summary and Income/Expense.

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