Welcoming Owners

Rentec Direct provides all PM clients Owner Portals to communicate important details to property owners about the financial, property, and tenant activity of their properties under your management.

Create Your Owner Welcome Letter

When welcoming owners to your property management company, it's important to outline the software tools you choose to utilize that benefit your owners from payment processing to owner portals. 

To help you communicate that information, a handout is available to welcome your new owners with important information on how to access their  Owner Portal online or through the Owner Connect by Rentec Direct app.

The sharable .pdf is available here:  Welcome to Your Owner Portal 

More about the Owner Connect by Rentec Direct app can be found here:  Owner Connect Mobile App of the Owner

After you have welcomed your new owners, you will want to activate their portal. Instructions on how to activate the Owner Portal can be found here:  Owner Portal

Once activated, the software will automatically send the Owner their personal login instructions.

Important NoteActivating an Owner Portal does not activate owner payment processing. To ensure you are able to disburse funds to the owner's bank electronically first set up Online Payment Processing and then edit the Owner Profile to add their banking information. 

Information on Online Payment Processing can be found here:  Online Payment Processing 

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