Owner Connect Mobile App of the Owner Portal

Owner Connect by Rentec Direct is a free mobile app for the owners of property, being managed in a Rentec Direct PM account, to access their Owner Portal from a smartphone or tablet. 

Learn more about mobile the Rentec Direct Mobile App for property managers and landlords and the Resident Connect mobile app for tenants here: The Rentec Direct Mobile Apps ✨

Through the app, you can give your owners and investors the ability to:

  • See the at-a-glance property performance summary.
  • View and download detailed performance reports.
  • View and download financial statements and reports.
  • Review work orders and maintenance requests.
  • See work order attachments such as photos.
  • View financial transaction attachments such as receipts, files, or photos accompanying a charge or purchase. 

The Owner Connect mobile app also gives your owners access to a File Library where you can choose to share copies of contracts, agreements, important notices, and more.

Owner Connect Mobile App of the Owner Portal

Owner Connect Benefits for Landlords

The Owner Portal is a valuable time-saving tool for your property management business. Take pulling reports off your busy task list and give your owners access to their property portfolio performance and reports. Then, give your owners a convenient way to connect to their portal easily with the Owner Connect mobile app in hand. 

Grow Your Business

Providing a mobile app to your clients is a natural way to modernize your business and stand out from the competition. You have the ability to give owners and investors real-time property performance. With many property management companies owners can choose from, having a mobile app may give you an advantage in the marketplace. 

Help Your Clients

Give your owners and investors access to property portfolio details at their fingertips. Within the app, the Reports tab allows your property owners to create, view, and download essential reports and summaries of their property performance, vacancies, and account activity. 

Improve Client Communication

File-sharing features enhance your ability to communicate with owners regarding their properties in a fast and efficient manner. Those files can be viewed at their convenience and are downloadable. 

Additionally, you have the ability to share work orders and attachments, photos, receipts, and other important files. Being able to share important information quickly is a great client retention strategy. 

Owner Connect mobile app Rentec Direct

Owner Connect | Easy to Find, Easy to Use

The Owner Connect by Rentec Direct mobile app is available in the Google Play and Apple App from these links below.

Have questions? Connect with the Rentec Direct Success Team at 800-881-5139, by email to success@rentecdirect.com, or by using the online chat within the software.

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