Owner Portals

Rentec Direct software gives you the option to create an Owner Portal which allows owners to view important information concerning their portfolio. 

To help your welcome your owners to their portal we offer some useful tools that can be found here:   Welcoming Owners

Setting Up an Owner Portal

Setting up an owner portal is a quick process using the instructions below. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Owners from the main menu. 
  2. Right-click on an Owner and choose Edit Owner from the menu.
  3. Enter their email address (this will be their username).
  4. Check the Enable Portal box. 

    System Note: If you have not clicked Enable Portal the next step will display this notice: Password notification requires Portal Access to be enabled prompting you to return to this step. 
  5. Generate a password for the owner, by clicking on the paper-pencil icon next to where it says Password

    Note: Owners have the ability to change this when in their portal, however, if they ever need the password reset, then you will need to do it for them on this page. 
  6. A box will pop up where you can create a custom password or have the system auto-generate one for you by clicking the circular arrows icon. 

    Important noteTo prompt an email notice to your owner with login and password instructions, be sure to select the Email Box and the Submit button.
  7. Click Save Changes at the bottom or top of the page. 

System Note: Always make sure to Save Changes after creating or editing a password, enabling the portal, and adding or editing email notifications to activate those changes.

Below is a sample of the auto-generated portal email:

Sample of Auto Generated Portal Email

Additional Owner Portal Information

Beyond your custom web address, Owners can log in to their portal at this universal web address: rentecdirect.com/login

The Owner is then presented with these tabs:

  • Summary: Here they will see an overview of activity and property performance.
  • Properties: Owners can view a quick breakdown of their properties, the balance on their properties, and also the current tenant occupying that property. They also can click on the balance of any property to view the ledger.
  • Statement: This tab gives your owners a breakdown of each transaction in the specified date range for their properties.
  • Files: Owners will be able to view files from the File Library that you have chosen to share with them.
  • Reports: The Owner has full control to customize standard reports by date, properties, etc. to view, save, and print.  
  • Settings: From Settings, an Owner can change their password and email address at any time. 
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