Display Options | Reports, Statements, and Invoices

Customizing what is displayed on reports, statements, and invoices is just another way to make the software fit your unique business needs. 

Display Options for Tenant Statements and Invoices

Both Rentec Pro and Rentec PM users can choose between three different display options for printable items such as statements, invoices, and reports. 

Tip: The company name and address is displayed on statements, invoices, and reports by default. That information comes from the Your Contact Information in Settings. Rentec PM users have the added feature option that allows different contact information to be displayed based on manager assignments. To have that added feature, you will first need to upgrade to Rentec PM and then add and assign managers. 

More information can be found here: Manager Types

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Choose Program Defaults.
  3. Under General Preferences use the Report Header Style drop-down menu to choose what you'd like to display: 
    1. Name and Address
    2. Name, Address, and Logo
    3. Logo only

      Tip: There is a handy Change Logo link if you need to upload or change your logo. The link immediately takes you to the Website & Branding settings so be sure to save your display option from the drop-down menu either before clicking the link or by returning to the Program Defaults.  
  4. Click the Save Changes button when finished. 

Note: Just above the drop-down setting you also have the option to customize the font size on reports. 

Customizing Display Options for Reports

In addition to choosing from the three display options outlined above (logo only, name and address only, name, or name, address and logo) you have other display customization options for reports.  

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Choose Program Defaults.
  3. At the bottom of the page click the Edit Advanced Settings link. 
  4. Click OK to continue to the Advanced Settings.
  5. When finished customizing click Save Changes.  

Some of the choices available to you are: 

  • Display property and transaction memo in Account Ledger reports
  • Display category on Account Ledger A reports
  • Display category on Account Ledger A reports
  • Enable check numbers on Account Ledger A reports
  • Show tenant contact information and property stats on Rent Roll report
  • Suppress split transaction details on Account Ledger B reports
  • Show voided deposits on bank ledger reports
  • Suppress contact information on report headers
  • Show late fee message on invoices and statements
  • Show tenant balance on printed receipts
  • Disable the 'this is a copy' message on items copied to owners. (Rentec PM feature)

Tip: All clients have additional print setting options such as check printing preferences and the custom message you'd like printed on invoices and receipts located in Settings under Accounting Defaults.

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