Financial Reports

Financial reports are vitally important for all involved in property management for compliance, accounting and bookkeeping, and tax purposes. Rentec Direct property management software provides all the necessary reports with customizable report and print options.

Pro Tip: Rentec Direct property management software has made significant improvements to reports and reporting features. Learn more about the new features and how to automatically Schedule and Send Reports to Owners and Managers✨ 

Financial Reports Overview

Accessing and printing reports is conveniently available on your Reports page. Clicking on Reports will bring you to Financial Reports. Financial reports are separated into Accounting, Online Payments, and Tax Reports. In addition to the variety of reports, the software provides the opportunity to customize reports by:

Report Period or Date Range
Select a Report Period using the dropdown or enter custom begin and end dates

Choose Account 
The Choose Account drop-down allows you to choose a Bank Account or Owner Ledger

Choose Property
The Choose Property drop-down allows you to choose All Properties, Property Groups, or individual properties/units

TipThe legend helps decide which reports are date-bound, account-bound, both, or static. 

Financial Report Legend

System Note: Choose the report criteria before clicking the desired report. The report will be pulled up and displayed. You then have the option to Print, Email, or Save the report as needed. Reports that are emailed will indicate the "From" email address of the manager or administrator who sent the email.

Property Management Financial Reports 

Account Ledger A
Displays a report with the line-by-line contents of the ledger for the selected property or account.

Account Ledger B
Provides a more advanced version of the account ledger that includes more transaction information in landscape form.
Balance Sheet
Displays point-in-time account, owner, and property balances and target reserves as of the ending date specified.
Income Expense Statement
Reports on both income and expenses for the selected time period (sometimes referred to as a Profit/Loss Statement)
Operating Statement A
Displays monthly columns of income and expenses associated with the properties and date-range selected.  
Operating Statement B
Similar to Operating Statement; includes beginning and ending balances and other categories.
Trial Balance A
Trial balance compares credit and debit items side-by-side within a property, owner, or account.  (Can be organized by owner to include owner balances and affiliated security deposit balances).
Vendor Ledger
Displays all transactions in a ledger format that matches a specified vendor.
Note: In addition to the above, you'll find category ledgers, summary reports, receipt and check registers, and many other important financial reports. 

Online Payment Reports

The Online Payments section gives you settlement reports to track payments received and estimated deposit dates, such as:
  • ACH Settlement
  • Cash Payment Settlement
  • Credit Card Settlement
  • Outgoing ACH payments to Owners and Vendors
In addition to settlement reports, easily view reports with upcoming scheduled tenant payments and completed online payments.

Property Management companies will find the Owner Payment Wizard reports that track owner disbursements helpful. 

Tax Reports

Tax Reports are helpful with filing taxes and end-of-year balancing: 
  • 1099 Tax Assistant
    • Provides a list of all vendors paid during the timeframe with the option to limit to those only above $600 annually.
  • Depreciation Schedule
    • Shows all depreciable improvements for the selected year. The beginning date range determines the year.
  • Schedule-E Assistant
    • Provides an income/expense statement based on items that populate to your federal schedule-e

Whether you file taxes through your Rentec Direct account or with your Accountant, balancing your accounts monthly will make your tax filing and end-of-year accounting much quicker and more accurate.

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