Financial Reports

Financial reports are vitally important for all involved in property management for compliance, accounting and bookkeeping, and tax purposes. 

Financial Reports Overview

To find reports within your Rentec Direct account, simply click the   Reports section. You will be directed to the Financial reports section by default. Reports are organized by three types: Property Management Financials, Online Payments, and Tax Reports. In addition to the many varied reports, the software provides the opportunity to customize reports by:

The Choose Property drop-down allows you to choose All Properties or a single property or unit. 

The Choose Account drop-down allows you to choose a financial ledger (checking, savings, credit card, or owner ledger).  

Either enter a specific date range or use the Report Period selections.

TipThe legend is helpful in deciding which reports are date bound, account bound, both, or static. 

Financial Report Legend

System Note: Choose the report criteria before clicking the desired report. The report will be pulled up and displayed. You then have the option to Print, Email, or Save the report as needed. Reports that are emailed will indicate the "From" email address of the manager or administrator that sent the email.

Property Management Financial Reports 

Account Ledger A
Displays a report with the line-by-line contents of the ledger for the selected property or account.

Account Ledger B
Provides a more advanced version of the account ledger that includes more transaction information in landscape form.
Balance Sheet
Displays point-in-time account, owner, and property balances and target reserves as of the ending date specified.
Income Expense Statement
Reports on both income and expenses for the selected time period (sometimes referred to as a Profit/Loss Statement)
Operating Statement A
Displays monthly columns of income and expenses associated with the properties and date-range selected.  
Operating Statement B
Similar to Operating Statement; includes beginning and ending balances and other categories.
Trial Balance A
Trial balance compares credit and debit items side-by-side within a property, owner or account.  (Can be organized by owner to include owner balances and affiliated security deposit balances).
Vendor Ledger
Displays all transactions in a ledger format that matches a specified vendor.
In addition to the above, you'll find category ledgers, summary reports, receipt and check registers, and many other important financial reports. 

Online Payment Reports

The Online Payments section gives you settlement reports to track payments received and estimated deposit dates such as:
  • ACH Settlement
  • Cash Payment Settlement
  • Credit Card Settlement
In addition, landlords can view reports showing which tenants have scheduled upcoming ACH transactions and which ACH and Credit Card payments have been completed.

Property Management companies will find the outgoing ACH and Owner Payment Wizard reports that track owner disbursements useful. 

Tax Reports

In addition to many of the above handy reports available, use data in this category for end-of-year tax reporting: 
  • 1099 Tax Assistant
  • Depreciation Schedule
  • Schedule-E Assistant
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