Create a Work Order from an Inspection Report

Work Orders can be created directly from a property inspection report from zInspector in Rentec Direct property management software.

A property inspection report may reveal areas that require maintenance or repairs. Easily create a work order and assign it to a team member or vendor for follow-up right from the report.

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Create a Work Order from a zInspector Report

When a zInspector Property Inspection Report reveals maintenance or repairs are required, you can easily create a Work Order from the Inspection Report with these steps.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Access the inspection from zInspector using one of the following ways:
    1. On the Summary page
      1. Click on Summary
      2. Under Quick Access, Click on Inspections or  
    2. On the Properties page
      1. Click on Properties
      2. Right-click on the property
      3. Click on Inspections

  2. Click on View Inspection from the inspection page 

  3. Click on +Add a Work Order 
    Create a workorder from an inspection report
  4. You will be taken to the Create Work Order page as you would when creating a manual Work Order
  5. Enter details of Work Order
  6. Click on Create Work Order

Click here for more information on how to Create a Work Order

zInspector Mobile App

zInspector provides a mobile inspection app that allows you to click through an inspection checklist on your phone, take photos automatically attach them to an inspection report, and generate downloadable PDF reports to be shared and stored.

Download zInspector  Android and/or iOS mobile apps to automatically update your property list and details each time you log in.

Tip: There are tons of helpful videos from zInspector with tips for completing inspections via the mobile app. Click here to access zInspectors knowledgebase, commonly asked questions, or to reach zInspector Support.

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