Property Inspection Report from zInspector

Easily manage property inspection reports with Rentec Direct property management software and zInspector integration with your smartphone or tablet.

Rentec Direct understands the impact a property inspection report can have from filling vacancies, refunding deposits, or even emergency repairs. 

When an inspection report has been completed, immediate notification and a copy of the report will be available.

How to Know a Property Inspection has been Completed

When an inspection report has been completed:

  • An email notification will be sent immediately to the person logged in to zinspector to order the report
  • On your Summary page, there will be an indication under Quick Access to Inspections
  • When you click on "Properties" there will be an indication of available inspections
  • There will be an indication when you log into your zInspector account

Pro Tip: Inspections are automatically saved to the File Library of both the Rentec Direct account and individual property. For more information click here Property Inspection Report from zInspector.

Review an Inspection Report

Once a property inspection is complete, a copy of the inspection report is immediately available in Rentec Direct property management software. 

There are several ways to access your property inspection report.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

On the Summary Page
1. Click on Summary
2. Under Quick Access
     a) Click on Inspections or
     b) Click on File Library

On the Property Page
1. Click on Properties
2. Click on Inspections

On the Property
1. Click on Properties
2. Right-click on a property and select 

  •      File library or
  •      Inspections

In the Account File Library
1. Click on Settings
2. Under Tools, click on File Library

How to Edit, Download, Close, and Re-open Property Inspection Reports

When viewing your inspection report list, right-click on a report for these options: 

  • View Inspection – This takes you to an inspection report page where you can access these options:
    • The PDF, which can be downloaded
    • Edit the Report
    • Create a maintenance Work Order

    Pro Tip: Save time by quickly creating a work order and assigning it to a team member or vendor for any maintenance issues that need to be addressed directly from this View Inspection option.

  • zInspector View – Automatically connects you to your zInspector account to view the report within zInspector.
  • zInspector Edit – Automatically connects and opens your zInspector account, allowing any edits, notes, add pictures, etc., to the inspection report.
  • Close Inspection – Closing an inspection allows you to maintain a list of property inspection reports that are still actively being referenced separate from reports that have been reviewed and needed action complete. 

Inspection List Menu Options

  • To Re-open an Inspection
    1. Using the dropdown next to the filter change from Open to Closed
    2. Right-click on the inspection or click on the three dots to access the menu and select Re-open

Pro Tip: Click here for information on how to Create a Workorder from a Property Inspection Report.

Rename, Delete or Share Property Inspection Reports with Tenants and Owners

Renaming, deleting, and sharing property inspection report options can only be accessed through the File Library.

Property Inspection Reports are commonly retained as permanent records. Rentec Direct property management software provides security measures to allow you to determine who has access to make changes to inspection reports.

More information on setting permissions for sub users can be found here: Add Subusers, Managers, and Additional Users to Your Account 

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on File Library
  3. Find the inspection report within your File Library

    Tip: Narrow down the search by entering the file name, keyword, or property in the search filter. 
  4. Right-click on the file name and select the change you would like to make:
    1. Rename File - This will make it easier to identify the report
    2. File Sharing - Choose the Tenant and/or Owner
    3. Delete File - This will permanently delete the Property Inspection Report
  5. Click on SAVE to preserve Renaming 

Note: Once shared, the inspection report will be available in the Tenant portal and/or Owner Portal, respectively. Click here for more information on enabling the Tenant Portal and Owner Portal.

zInspector Mobile App

Download the zInspector app to your mobile Android and/or iOS device and use your new zInspector login info consisting of your email address and password. zInspector is user friendly on any mobile device.

Your Rentec Direct property list will automatically sync with your mobile zInspector App with updated information each time you log in.

Tip: There are tons of helpful videos from zInspector with tips for completing inspections via the mobile app. Click here to access zInspectors knowledgebase, commonly asked questions, or to reach zInspector Support.

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