Conduct an Inspection with the zInspector App

Integrating Rentec direct property management software and zInspector provides an excellent mobile solution for conducting and saving inspections. Inspections can be processed by you, authorized representatives, and/or your tenants.

Visit zInspector to access your zinspector account, sign up for your free 15 day trial, or schedule a demo with their team to learn more about the features.

zInspection with Rentec Direct

Complete an Inspection Using the zInspector App

Now that you've created your zInspector account and downloaded the app, you're ready to start completing and documenting your inspections with these easy steps:

In your zInspector account:

  1. Click on Select Property/Unit
  2. Select the property you are going to inspect from the list provided through the sync process
  3. Click on New Inspection
  4. Click on the Type of Inspection to be conducted and a template specific to that type will be made available. Inspection options include:
    1. Move In
    2. Move Out
    3. Pet Inspection
    4. Pre Move Out Walk Thru
    5. Property/Unit Walkthrough
    6. Violation
  5. When you are ready to inspect, open the room/area tab you want to inspect and you will see the features to be inspected
  6. Rate the condition of each area as:
    1. S - Satisfactory
    2. N - New
    3. D - Damaged
    4. ! - Needs Attention (Opens a screen to specify what work needs to be done and rate the importance
  7. Inspections require the inspector's signature. (If an inspection is sent to a tenant, they will also need to sign.)
  8. Click on Submit or Submit and email the report


  • Clicking on the box at the top of "N" - New or "S" - Satisfactory will mark all boxes in that column
  • Comments can be indicated throughout the inspection
    • Click on "Tap here" to add comments 
    • At the end of the inspection there will be a "Comment" box
    • When adding photos or videos you will have the option of adding Smart Comments, which provides a list of common comments to select from

zInspector checklist

Adding Photos and Videos to Inspections

Easily add photos or videos to inspections or take a quick photo to document maintenance issues.

Images will be date stamped with options to:

  • Markup pictures with red, yellow, black, or white indicators
  • Draw circles and add arrows 
  • Indicate the estimated amount of time it will take to make reports
  • Other identifiers, such as circles and drawing arrows to identify areas that may need attention are also available.

Creating a video may be more helpful for documenting issues like:

  • Recording noisy appliances
  • Recording leaky faucets or pipes
  • Recording a large area 

Click here for more Photo and Video Tips with zInspector

Tenant Conducted Inspections

zInspector integration with Rentec Direct property management software is the perfect solution for Move In, Move Out, Lease Renewal, and Maintenance Inspections.

Quickly send invitations and automatic reminders for tenants to complete inspections and stay on schedule with your inspections and maintenance.

Pro Tip:
When an invitation date for a tenant is set for the future, the inspection status will show as Scheduled on the tenants' page.

Click here for more information on Scheduled Tenant Inspection Invitations and Reminders with zInspector.

Accessing Inspections

We understand that prompt may be required as a result of property inspections and provide multiple indications when an inspection has been completed including:
  • An immediate email notification
  • An indication under Quick Access on the Summary page of your Rentec Direct account
  • When you click on Properties, there will be an indication of available inspections
  • There will be an indication when you log into your zInspector account

More information about how to access, share, and manage inspection reports in your Rentec Direct account is available here: Property Inspection Reports from zInspector

zInspector Mobile App

Download the zInspector app to your mobile Android and/or iOS device and use your new zInspector login info consisting of your email address and password. zInspector is user-friendly on any mobile device.

Your property list will automatically sync with your mobile zInspector App with updated information each time you open the app.

Tip: There are tons of helpful videos from zInspector with tips for completing inspections via the mobile app. Click here to access zInspectors knowledgebase, commonly asked questions, or to reach zInspector Support

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