Getting Started with zInspector

Inspections are crucial for moving in, moving out, lease renewal, and maintenance throughout a tenancy. Rentec Direct property management software has integrated with zInspector to provide more options to make managing your rental inspections convenient and timely.

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This overview will summarize the steps for using zInspector integration with Rentec Direct property management software with a link to your Rentec Direct knowledgebase and zInspector that will walk you through each step.

Getting Started with zInspector

If you're ready to get started using zInspector, here are the recommended steps to get up and running quickly.

Step One - Create your zInspector account

If you haven't created your zInspector account, click here to learn more about zInspector, schedule a demo, or create your account zInspector.

zInspector is free for accounts with 5 or fewer units, offers a free 15-day trial, and can easily be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, Android and/or iOS.

Tip:There are tons of helpful videos from zInspector with tips for completing inspections via the mobile app. Click here to access zInspectors knowledgebase, commonly asked questions, or to reach zInspector Support.

Step Two - Sync your Rentec Direct account with zInspector

Now that you've created your zInspector account, easily sync to your Rentec Direct account from your zInspector account.

To create your API key for zInspector

  1. Log in to your zInspector Account
  2. Click on the Settings Tab
  3. Click on Accounting Integration
  4. Select Rentec Direct from the drop-down list
    1. Click the link for, (which will open a new tab) and log in to your Rentec Direct account
    2. Click Settings
    3. Under Tools click on Utilities
    4. Click on API Keys
    5. Under zInspector click Create Key
    6. Click on the Clipboard icon next to the zInspector key or use ctrl+c to copy the key
  5. Once you have copied the API key, go back to your zInspector account and the Accounting Software Integration page you previously opened
  6. Under the Link: section, click on the Add/Change button
  7. Paste the API key into this box and click OK
  8. Click on Sync to import the properties from your Rentec Direct account to your zInspector account

Pro Tip: If you already have a zInspector account, simply create an API key and add it to your zInspector account.

Managing inspection-related activity using an Application Programming Interface (API), a unique identifier that sets the parameters of the information being shared between your Rentec Direct account and your zInspector account. An API is commonly used as a precaution to prevent abuse or malicious use and keeps your zInspector and Rentec Direct account safe. 

Click here for more information about API's

Instructions to connect your Rentec Direct account to zInspector can be viewed here:  Sync Your Rentec Direct Properties with zInspector.

Step Three – Complete an inspection

Use zInspector to complete inspections of your properties, personalizing each one with photos, videos and comments using zInspectors customizing options. 

In your zInspector app:

  1. Click Select Property/Unit
  2. Select the property to be inspected from the list provided. This is the same property information available in your Rentec Direct account.
  3. Click on New Inspection
  4. Click on the Type of Inspection
    1. Move In
    2. Move Out
    3. Pet Inspection
    4. Pre Move Out Walk Thru
    5. Property/Unit Walkthrough
    6. Violation
  5. The template for your inspection will be specific to the type of inspection you are performing.
  6. When you are ready to inspect, open the room/area tab you want to inspect to see the features you may need to inspect.
  7. Rate the condition of each area as:
    1. S - Satisfactory
    2. N - New
    3. D - Damaged
    4. ! - Needs Attention (Opens a screen to specify what work needs to be done and rate the importance)
  8. Inspections require the inspectors signature (If an inspection is sent to a tenant, they will also need to sign)
  9. Click on Submit or Submit and email the report

Click here for more helpful information on how to Conduct an Inspection with the zInspector App. 

Managing completed inspection reports

When an inspection report has been completed, immediately an email will be sent to the person that completed the inspection, a copy will be available in your Rentec Direct account and saved to the File Library.

Property inspection reports can then be downloaded, printed, or edited to add notes, make indications on photos, and draw attention to areas that may need repairs.

Inspection reports from the File Library can be shared with tenants, owners, or vendors.

If repairs or maintenance is required, easily create a work order while viewing an inspection report.

Click here for details on managing your completed property inspection report. Property Inspection Report from zInspector.

Click here for more information on File Libraries in your Rentec Direct account: File Library | File Storage

Creating work orders from inspections

In your Rentec Direct property management software quickly create a work order while viewing an inspection report by clicking the +Add A Work Order link.

Click here for details of how to Create a Work Order from an Inspection Report

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