Sync Your Rentec Direct Account and Properties with zInspector

Now, with the integration of Rentec Direct property management software and zInspector, there's no need to manually enter properties or tenants. With these instructions, quickly sync your property list from Rentec Direct with zInspector for seamless integration. 

Visit zInspector to access your zInspector account, sign up for your free 15 day trial or schedule a demo with their team to learn about their features.

Rentec Direct and zInspector

There are three quick steps to begin using the integration of zInspector with your Rentec Direct account:

  • Create a zInspector account
  • Create your unique Rentec Direct API key for zInspector
  • Add the API key to your zInspector account

Pro Tip: If you already have a zInspector account, simply create an API key and add it to your zInspector account.

How to Sync Your Rentec Direct Account and Integrate your Property List to zInspector

zInspector has a very robust and useful mobile app, however setting up your Rentec Direct account sync may easiest to complete on a laptop or desktop computer. 

Completing these steps will automatically synchronize your zInspector account with your Rentec Direct account.

  1. Log in to your zInspector Account
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Click on Accounting Integration
  4. Select Rentec Direct from the drop-down list
    1. Click the link for, (which will open a new tab) and log in to your Rentec Direct account
    2. Click Settings
    3. Under Tools click on Utilities
    4. Click on API Keys
    5. Under zInspector click Create Key 
    6. Click on the Clipboard icon next to the zInspector key box or ctrl+c to automatically highlight and copy the API key
  5. Once you have copied the API key, go back to your zInspector account and the Accounting Software Integration page you previously opened
  6. Under the Link: section, click on the Add/Change button
  7. Paste the API key into this box and click OK
  8. Click on Sync

Completing these steps will automatically synchronize your zInspector account with your Rentec Direct property data. Click on the Properties tab in your zInspector to see a current list of your properties.

System Notes:

  • Any time you add a property, archive a property, increase the number of bedrooms, or make any other changes to your property information in your Rentec Direct account, the changes will automatically be reflected in zInpsector the next time you log in.
  • You will also have the option to manually enter property data into zInspector or upload a spreadsheet.

Property Types in zInspector

You will be able to see your single-family homes and multi-family properties with individual units listed to easily complete move-in and move-out inspections.

For multi-family properties, you will also notice a Common section where you can add shared areas like building exterior, roof, etc., for areas that need to be inspected.

Syncing Tenants

Tenants will automatically be synced with your zInspector and Rentec Direct software integration. Information linked to tenants in your Rentec direct account will be used in the inspection and communication process.

Information from the tenant profile can be helpful for tracking where they are in their tenancy allowing you to conduct and track time appropriate inspections. A tenants Move In, Move Out, and Lease dates can help you anticipate required inspections such as:

  • Moving In
  • Moving Out
  • Moved Out Security Deposit Pending
  • Security Deposit Returned

Through zInspector, communicate with tenants to:

  • Invited to perform their own inspection
  • Remotely sign an inspection report
  • Receive an emailed copy of an inspection report 

System Notes:

  • If there is not a valid email address in the tenants profile, a temporary email address will be automatically populated in zInspector with the format
  • Click here for details on how to edit a tenants information to update the email address in your Rentec Direct account Edit Tenants, Properties, Banking and Owners
  • Click here for details on how to update a Move In date and Lease dates in your Rentec Direct account Update a lease
  • Changes made to your Rentec Direct account will automatically update in your zInspector account each time you log in.

zInspector Mobile App

Download the zInspector app to your mobile Android and/or iOS device and use your new zInspector login info consisting of your email address and password. zInspector is user friendly on any mobile device.

Your property list will automatically sync with your mobile zInspector App with updated information each time you open the app.

Tip: There are tons of helpful videos from zInspector with tips for completing inspections via the mobile app. Click here to access zInspectors knowledgebase, commonly asked questions, or to reach zInspector Support.

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