Transfer a Tenant to Another Property

There are times when you've placed a tenant into one unit but need to transfer them to another. For instance:  

  • A tenant wants to change which unit to rent prior to move in
  • A clerical error was made and the tenant was placed into the wrong property in the software
  • You need to move a tenant for repairs and renovations

How to Transfer a Tenant to Another Property

To transfer a tenant from one property to another you need to first move the tenant out of the 1st property and then move them into the 2nd property, and then transfer any security deposits* (if applicable). Transferring a tenant within the software is very easy with the following instructions. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. If necessary, click Tenants and enter the Tenant Ledger to make any adjustments to current rent charges and security deposits as necessary to close out the accounting for the rental of the current unit.
  2. Go back to Tenants, right-click and choose Move-Out Options

    More information on the move out process can be found here Moving Out a Tenant
  3. Click Properties 
  4. Click the Place New Tenant link of the new unit
  5. Select Use Existing Tenant and use the drop-town menu to choose the tenant from the list

    When transfering a tenant use the Existing Tenant drop down menu

  6. Select the Move-In Date to be the day you want to begin billing them for the new unit
  7. Click Place New Tenant to complete the transfer. 

*You may wish to also migrate any security deposit from one property to another.  Once the tenant is moved into the new property, enter the tenant's security deposit ledger for the previous property. Then migrate the funds from the first to the second property. More information on managing security deposits can be found here: Tenant Security Deposits

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