Integration with ShowMojo for Leasing Automation

Quickly begin utilizing lease automation with Rentec Direct property management software integration with ShowMojo.

These three quick setup steps will have you set up and ready to begin automating lease management. 

  1. Create a ShowMojo account here: ShowMojo and Rentec Direct

    Note: Learn more about ShowMojo’s robust features and flexible pricing plans and  sign up for a ShowMojo account here: ShowMojo
  2. In your Rentec Direct account, confirm your property marketing details and publish the online listing 

    Note: More information about online listings can be found in your Rentec Direct knowledge base Marketing Your Rental Through Online Listings
  3. Use your unique Rentec Direct API Key to import rental listings to ShowMojo  

Import your on-market rental listings to ShowMojo

To use your unique Rentec Direct API key to import rental listings to ShowMojo, follow these simple steps.  
In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Tools, click on Utilities
  3. Click on API Keys
  4. Click on Create Key
  5. Copy the URL from the JSON Listings section and then…
In your ShowMojo account:
  1. Click on Settings 
  2. Click on Listing Import
  3. Paste the copied URL into step 4 on this page (see picture below)
  4. Choose from the drop-down menu if you want ShowMojo to automatically import listings from your Rentec Direct account
  5. Click on SAVE

Once your on-market rental listings are imported to ShowMojo, you’ll then be able to use all the great features ShowMojo offers in prospect nurturing.

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