Legacy Pricing

We know that nobody likes surprises when it comes to their billing and so in August 2020, we announced our commitment to make sure any pricing modifications are rolled out slowly to any existing Rentec clients.  We also included it within our terms of service, section 3.2.  

Rather than a sudden change in pricing like most others in the industry do, we slowly adjusted any legacy pricing plans by 33.3% towards the pricing adjustment.

This gives a three-year graceful transition to any new pricing we introduce in the future.  After three years on a legacy plan, your subscription price will be caught up to the then-current pricing.  

Once caught up, your account will also automatically be granted any benefits of the new subscription level.   For example, the latest Pro and PM subscriptions include free online tenant payments, access to a nationwide cash payment network, and 50% discounts on tenant screening.

How to Update to the Most Current Pricing Plan

If you'd like instant access to those benefits now, it's easy to update your pricing plan to obtain any new benefits immediately. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings
  2. Choose Your Account & Subscription
  3. Click the Modify Subscription link
  4. Click the Modify Subscription button to confirm

You will instantly then have access to all modern features and be billed at the current rate.

How do I Know if I'm on the Most Current Pricing Plan? 

Follow steps one and two above. If your subscription displays (legacy) next to your plan it means that since you signed up pricing and plans have been updated. To receive the benefits of the newest plan, continue with steps 3 and 4. Otherwise, you will remain on the legacy plan until the three-year transition period has been fulfilled. 

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