Online Payment Tenant Authorization Form

Once your account has been enabled for Online Payments, you have the ability to choose whether you would like for your tenants to provide ACH information to you via a written document or allow them to enter the information within the Tenant Portal.

Online Payment Tenant Authorization Settings

Use these instructions to have your tenants provide you a tenant authorization form for payment processing. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under the Financial section choose Online Payments
  3. In the ACH Settings section, upload a tenant authorization form 

    Upload a tenant ACH authorization form

    4. Click Save Changes when finished

Note: Written Document is the default option. The form you upload here will be available to your tenants to download directly from their tenant portal. The returned form from your tenant provides you the authorization to schedule tenant payments.

Sample Online Payment Tenant Authorization Forms

You can find sample online payment tenant authorization forms directly at the top of the Online Payments setting page noted above. 

Sample Tenant ACH Authorization Forms

You can also click the following links to download the sample authorization forms here: 

Additional resource: Merchant account holders are welcome to use this document to create a personalized authorization form, removing references of Rentec Direct and inserting their personal merchant account name. Follow this link to a generic Tenant Payment Authorization Form created from our example PDF:
EasyPay Tenant Agreement and Setup

After you have selected a form and uploaded it onto your account (see instructions above), it will look like this from the tenants portal:
Adding tenant banking informaation

The interface is set to handle ACH transactions from checking accounts, however, most banks will accept an ACH draft request from a Savings account. If the transaction fails, a possibility could be that your tenant's bank will not accept the standard ACH draft format we use and in that instance, another arrangement should be made with your tenant.
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