Instant Tenant ACH Debits

The tenant payment screen has been expanded to support instant ACH debits to your tenant’s bank account. Once you have linked your Online Payment Processing account, you will have a new payment type option when posting an ACH payment.

System AdviceThis tool will initiate an ACH payment from the tenant's bank account drawing actual funds.  Deleting an ACH transaction does not stop or reverse the process in place. If an instant ACH transaction was processed in error, send an  email to with your Merchant ID, transaction details including when it was initiated, clarifying you would like to "Void" the transaction. 

Processing an Instant ACH Debit

The Tenants page in your Rentec Direct account allows you to make instant ACH debits. Tenants also have the option to initiate an instant ACH payment in their Tenant Portal.  An instant ACH debit will bypass a scheduled payment and instantly sends the ACH payment request to CSG Forte while posting the processing transaction to the tenant ledger.

In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click Tenants from the main menu. 
  2. Choose the Tenant from the Tenant List
  3. Click the green Post Income button.
  4. Choose ACH from the Payment Type dropdown menu. 
  5. You will be presented with fields to enter the routing and account number of your tenant’s bank account.

    Important NoteThis is pre-filled if the tenant's bank information has already been set up for online rent payments.  
  6. Enter the payment amount. 
  7. Click Post Income.

System Notes

  • If you typically charge an ACH fee, you will want to include it in the total. Only scheduled payments adds the transaction fee automatically. 
  • Although this feature allows you to instantly submit a tenant ACH payment, it may still take the same processing time before the funds are cleared and deposited into your bank account.  
  • To prevent subusers from inadvertently processing an instant ACH in error, the default setting is turned off for subusers to use this feature. You can add this permission in Settings by choosing Managers & Users and modifying the Post Tenant ACH Payments permission.

Just as a scheduled transaction, using this Instant ACH Debit deducts the funds from your tenant’s checking account electronically and deposits the funds to your bank. Successful transactions will be recorded in the tenant’s ledger as well as show on the Completed Online Payment report.

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