Scheduling Online Payment Transactions For Tenants

Once your Rentec Direct account is enabled with access to online payment processing, you will want to begin allowing your tenants to schedule payments or schedule payments on their behalf.  

Enable Tenant ACH Payments

Before you or your tenants can schedule payments, you will need first to enable ACH payments as an option. Then, you can choose whether to allow tenants to set up and manage their own payment schedules or require them to submit a form to you so you can control the schedule on their behalf. These instructions cover both scenarios. 

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Financial click on Online Payments
  3. Under ACH Settings Select Yes near Enable online ACH payments 
  4. Click which option the Tenant Provides ACH Authorization by
    1. Tenant Portal if you wish to allow tenants to set up and schedule their own payments. When you select this option, a text box appears with a general authorization that you are welcome to edit and/or provide additional agreements and disclaimers. The text you enter here will appear in the tenant portal below the data entry fields, ensuring tenants have the opportunity to read and agree to it before submitting their ACH details.

      Note: Default text is provided, which you can later retrieve using the Reset button if needed. 
    2. Written Documentation if you wish to manage the setup and payment schedule on their behalf. This option requires you to upload an authorization form, which will appear in their portal. When they return the signed form, you will have the authorization and information to schedule payments for that tenant. 

NoteWe have provided Sample Authorization Forms in the upper right corner of your software and below. Feel free to download these examples and customize them for your use. After uploading an authorization form, tenants will only be able to download the form if ACH Payments are disabled on their account. Once you enable their account for ACH Payments, the form is no longer able to be downloaded.   

Sample Authorization Forms:

Scheduling Tenant Online Payments 

If you've received an authorization form back from your tenant, scheduling payments for that tenant is simple. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click on Tenants 
  2. Right-click on the tenant's name and select Online Payments  
  3. Click on Payment Accounts 

  4. Online PaymentsClick on + Bank Account

  5. Enter the Routing Number and Account Number

  6. Click on Add Account to save changes 

  7. Then click on Back to go back to Online Payments for that tenant 
  8. Verify all the options on this page are set to your specifications such as the Payment Policy, Tenant ACH fee
  9. Check the option for Recurring Transactions to schedule monthly transactions or One-Time Transaction for a single transaction, which will occur on a future date
  10. Click on Save Changes 

Payment Scheduling and Transaction Timing

Payments scheduled in Rentec Direct are submitted for processing three (3) times each day:

  • 3:00 am PST
  • 4:00 pm PST
  • 9:00 pm PST 

Payments batch from CSG Forte's system one (1) time each day at 4:30 pm, PST.   

Recurring Payments Schedule 

For Recurring Transactions, the frequency day is the day of the month/week this transaction will occur. With monthly transactions, the frequency day should be the actual day it is to pull. For weekly transactions, the frequency day corresponds to a day of the week: 

 = Sunday  2 = Monday, 3 = Tuesday, 4 = Wednesday, 5 = Thursday, 6 = Friday, 7 = Saturday. 

interval days tool tip

Important Notes

  • Recurring Transactions must be scheduled with a future begin date. For example, if you would like the tenant's payment to be pulled on the 1st of each month, you would enter the Frequency as Monthly and Interval Day (Day of the month)1

One-Time Payments Schedule

One-time payments can be scheduled at a future date. 

Pro Tip: If a one-time payment needs to be made the same day, use Rentec Direct's convenient Instant Tenant ACH Debits option.

Troubleshooting Online Payments

In order for online payments to process, tenants must have a first name, last name, and a phone number. They also must be moved into a property with a complete address including city, state, and zip code.  Payments will not be processed if a tenant's status is listed as inactive or archived

Fixing Common Errors: 

Property Address Invalid
You can fix this by logging into your Rentec Direct account and editing the Property. Add the address, city, state, and zip code (all fields must be completed). 

No property linked to the renter
The tenant needs to be placed in a property for the transaction to process. If you moved the tenant out you will have to place this tenant back into the unit. 

Renter must have first [xxxx], last [xxxxxx], and phone [xxx-xxx-xxxx]
The first name, last name, and/or phone number are missing, and you will need to make corrections by editing the tenant profile. The phone number may be placed in the home phone or mobile field, or both. 

If your error code is not listed in this article, more codes can be found here: Common Payment Processing Error Codes

In the event of a failed transaction, you will be emailed a failure notice directly from CSG Forte, your merchant provider. You will need to post this failed transaction within the program in the tenant's ledger. 

Note: If a scheduled ACH or Credit Card payment fails to process, the software will attempt to run it again (that same day) IF one of the three processing times has not yet occurred, 

Information on posting an NSF transaction can be found here:  Returned Check, NSF, Failed Payment

Important NoteThe interface is set to handle ACH transactions from checking accounts, however, most banks will accept an ACH draft request from a savings account. The routing number for ACH transactions with a savings account should be verified with the tenant's bank as this is not always the same number that is listed on their deposit slip. If the transaction fails, a possibility could be that your tenant's bank will not accept the standard ACH draft and in that instance, another arrangement should be made with your tenant.

Tip: To track your online scheduled payments, you can pull Financial Reports such as the Completed Online Payments report and the Upcoming Payments report.  

Training Video

Schedule A Payment For Your Tenant | Rentec Direct Training Series from Rentec Direct on Vimeo.

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