Begin Charges On Date

The Begin Charges option is a way to tell the Rentec Direct property management software when the system should begin posting rent charges for a tenant. This can be set for a future, current, or past date depending on your bookkeeping needs.  

When you place a tenant into a property, you will be asked to enter a date that you would like the system to begin charging the tenant. The program will begin generating ledger entries and invoices for the tenant from this date forward.    

Begin Charges On Date

If you enter a past date into this field, the program will generate invoices on the tenant's account from that past date until now. If the past date that you entered was months or years ago, it could end up showing a very significant past due amount for the tenant due to all of the past invoices that were generated. 
Important Note:  The software would not know how much or when the tenant made any of their payments during this time, so it would be up to you to manually enter all of the tenant's past payments if you want them to be reflected in the program.
There are several options to zero out the tenant's balance in this situation including manually posting each payment. 

Options to Correct a Tenant Ledger Balance 

There are three options to make a newly placed tenant ledger to a current balance: 
  • Manually post each of their past payments.
  • Manually post one payment that zero's out their entire past due balance. For example, if their balance is ($16,389.68) then post a payment for $16,389.68 to indicate that they are now paid in full. 

    Information on posting single or multiple payments to a tenants ledger can be located here: Posting an Income or Expense Transaction
  • Or, you can change the begin charges on date so that invoices begin now or at the first of the year instead of months or years back in the past. This will not affect their move-in date or their lease renewal date, it will simply change the number of invoices that are showing as due on their account.  See instructions below for the 2 step process. 

    System AdviceNot a recommended option to correct an established tenants ledger in the system as this option will replace all the tenant rent charges affecting the established balance. Used most often when correcting a move-in date during tenant placement into a property. 

Step One - To Change the Begin Charges On Date

Follow the instructions below to quickly update the Begin Charges On date.

In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click Tenants 
  2. Right-click on the tenant and select Update Lease from the drop-down menu
  3. Make note of the move-in date listed because you'll need to come back and re-enter it later 
  4. Change the move-in date to the actual date that you would like the invoices to have begun on in the tenant's account 
  5. Change the setting that asks if you would like to update the accounting to Yes
  6. Click the Update Move-In Date button at the bottom of the screen

After a few minutes, all of the invoices on the tenant's account will update to reflect the changes you just made. The date you jotted down in step 3 is now needed. 

Step Two - To Correct the Move-In Date

Now that the ledger is corrected, you will return the move-in date back to the actual date of move-in. 

In your Rentec Direct Account: 

  1. Complete steps one and two above to return to the same Update Lease settings page
  2. Enter the tenant's original and actual move-in date that you made note of earlier
  3. This time leave the default update accounting set as No
  4. Click the Update Move-In Date button. This will display the move in date on the Tenant Profile and will not affect the lease renewal.
After making this change, depending on what you change the Begin Charges On date to, there may still be a past due amount on the tenant's account due to the invoices that have been posted. If the tenant has remitted payment(s) against any of those invoices, you'll then need to manually post those payments. 
Information on posting single or multiple payments to a tenants ledger can be located here: Posting an Income or Expense Transaction
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